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Rough Sex #1

Rough Sex #1

Released Nov 01st, 1999
Running Time 140
Director Khan Tusion
Company Anabolic Video
Cast Teri Starr, Jewel, Monique De Moan, Jon Dough, Cherri Doll, Phyllisha Anne, Mickey G., Mr. Marcus
Critical Rating AAAA 1/2
Genre Specialty



For those looking for a dark evening; not for everyone.


In the immortal words of the great wordsmith Ms. Mid-America: this is not for everyone, this is not for everyone, this is not for everyone. Please remember that little phrase before handing Rough Sex 1 to your friendly neighborhood couple looking for a slightly naughty romp.  There ain't nothin' warm and fuzzy about this tape.

All of that being said, this mutha is hot -- what a birth for a new series from Anabolic.  Some scenes are more intense than others, but there really is something for most every fucker in the search of knock-down, drag-out sex.

Panting begins, appropriately enough, over the FBI warning (oooh, those government institutions are so sexy!). The first scene -- subtitled Oh, Daddy! -- is a little bumpy here and there, but when it's on, it's onnnnn. "Daddy" (Mr. Marcus) begins the festivities with some hair pullin', neck chokin', and tit slappin'.  "Fuck that's too hard," Monique De Moan spits out.  Just wait.  She takes a deep preparatory breath before licking his ass pucker, and is met a "Put that white tongue in my fuckin' black asshole."  Her practiced "ows" turn into real ones during an ultra-vigorous-rip-up-the-innards missionary anal.

So... You Want to Be a Porn Star is next on the menu, with the doe-eyed Cherri Doll enduring a spiky interview with director Tusion before getting put through the paces by top-o-the-afternoon-to-ya Jon Dough.  "You know what we're shooting today," Tusion asks.  "You know it's severe?"  Pause.  She yields a tentative smile and nod.  Goodnight, Irene.  Jon yanks her around by the ponytail, telling her that her name for the day is "Piece-Of-Shit Whore."  A cameraman hawks a loogie on her face, in between b.j. sucks Jon makes her say, "Proud of me, Mom?"

P.O.S.W. gets a mighty serious-looking dildo up the asshole, and a load of jizz in her mouth which she has to let sit before getting permission to swallow.  Cut to Shut Her Up!; the delectable Teri Starr -- with panties 'round her knees -- whacks off in the loo.  After her loins explode with much quivering, Mickey G. storms in with a cloud of distressed incredulity.  The punishment for her transgression begins with her face being thrust into a urinal while she withstands a spanking.  In crawl Phyllisha Anne and Monique De Moan, who are ordered to sit silently in the corner and witness. Teri's howls, moans, an peeps are finally quieted with a wad of toilet paper (only after it's been used to wipe some bottom).

Mickey gives her a neck throttle during a b.j. which sparks some coughing from Miss Star -- "I want you to choke like that on my cock," he grunts. When some tears sprout out, Mickey responds by bringing over one of the corner slaves to lick them up.  Teri spits out the cum that he so ably shoots into her mouth, and is ordered to suck every last drop up from the floor, her knee and her chin and swallow.  Waste not, want not.

Scene three has Jon Dough topping the two slaves from the previous Mickey G. encounter.  The conceit is that De Moan is Jon's girlfriend, and nasty slut Anne has been sniffing around the goods.  Dough gives girlfriend permission to wail a bit on the bad girl's behind.  After some walloping licks and a forced licking, De Moan gets a little ahead of herself by barking "What are you laughing at?" to the off-screen Dough.  Boy, is she in for it.  The poor girl can't stop laughing; this is worse than breaking up in church.  Jon smacks the smile outta her each time, 'til she's red and reduced.

The last jaunt into hardcore heat -- Good Doggies Don't Drink From the Toilet Bowl! -- is a two-tops-are-better-than-one, feel-good kind of scene.  The lusciously collared Jewel (the name on her bitch dish is "Shit-hole") is hit and choked, slapped and pulled.  She basically gets the hell beaten out of her.  The welts and broken blood vessels on her ass are something to behold.

The look of the video is great; we hope it's a preview of coming attractions for this series.

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