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Virgin Kink 14

Virgin Kink 14

Released Mar 01st, 2000
Running Time 88
Director Duck Dumont
Company RedBoard Video
Cast Amber Lynn, Jane Martin, Rachel Moore, Kym Wilde, Goddess Athena
Critical Rating AAAA 1/2
Genre Specialty



A solid recommendation for fans of the performers and S/M fans in general. This should be especially popular with those who enjoy seeing new player and unique and intense examples of power exchange.


Dealing with virgins is always tricky. The box hasn't been opened, so you don't know what's inside —and the packaging can't be trusted to tell the truth.

Case in point: Virgin Kink 14's first scene introduces us to bad-ass Jamie Gillis and his fresh-faced new video play partner, 18-year-old Rachel Moore. With shyly excited tones, our barely-legal submissive explains the kind of play she and her Master like. then, having heard enough, Gillis sets his mouth and hands in motion and doesn't stop barking orders, serving up pain and dishing out humiliation with occasional compliments until the long scene has shuddered to a conclusion.

A good scene captures the viewer's attention and keeps it. This is a good scene. Sometimes almost too good. Although Moore proves to be a tough little submissive who likes it rough, there are times when the action almost feels too real. Gillis tirelessly flogs his slave's pussy, chest, belly, legs, and ass —for starters— and quickly has the young girl in tears. This action revolves around a steady stream of vigorous face-slapping and throat-choking that leaves the girl red and sobbing. A hot scene, but one that might possibly have benefited from a bit more negotiation onscreen. The action is so intense at times, and Moore's reactions so heart-breaking, that one is relieve to hear her finally safeword herself out of the face-slapping and pussy-whipping. (Speaking of safety, this reviewer isn't sure slapping someone with gum in her mouth is a good idea.)

But these two details aside, the heat in this scene is genuine as Gillis puts his young charge through some puppy obedience training (she's such a cute little doggie), yanks her by her hair, applies a belt to her ass —ultimately cuddles on the couch with his pretty little lapdog while she sucks her thumb. Before moving on to the next scene, Gillis talks briefly about how intense these first-time play experiences can be. Remember this for later.

After the roller coaster ride Moore and Gillis provide, the second segment featuring the lovely Goddess Athena and her pain-hungry masochistic bottom, Jane Martin, feels like a walk in the park on a fresh spring day. The dynamic between these two women is lively, affectionate, spirited and fun, as the good Goddess satisfies her Smart-Ass-Masochist's desire for a fresh pair of hot crossed buns.

But neither scene is adequate preparation for the surprise ending on this tape. What begins as Gillis and Kym Wilde's initiation of lovely porn veteran Amber Lynn into the disciplinary arts quickly turns into a mini free-for-all.

Wilde initially waits for the salt-and-pepper-haired Top to stop playing pattycake with Lynn's butt and reminiscing about old times, but finally steps forward to move the scene from talk to action. Unfortunately, Lynn is not willing to submit, and turns on Wilde in a classic example of how not to safeword out of a scene. After telling her would-be Fem-Dom that she's being "a little stupid," Lynn turns the whip on Wilde and chokes her. End of scene but hot, hot, hot in its own spontaneous "real world" way.

Gillis tries to salvage some play from this situation and, later, engages in one of the most amusing and strangely sexy examples of bottoming-from-the-Top that viewers are likely to see for a while. The usually ferocious Gillis is practically held captive by the beautifully-attired blond prima donna. After an unexpectedly honest bit of self-analysis on Lynn's part about her ability to submit, she bosses and taunts Gillis through the rest of the session. Given that Lynn's real S/M interests seem to be limited to getting spanked and then fucked, it's amazing what results from this scene. Lynn's mouth rarely stops complaining about Gillis' technique or gushing about the good ol' days and the mild spanking and whipping that she receives only re-emphasizes how much she is in charge of the action. Viewers will cheer when the ball gag is applied, and groan when it falls out.

Absolutely one of the most pleasurable video surprises in some time, Virgin Kink 14's strength is the unusually wide variety of play styles and power exchanges contained in its 88 minutes and the unpredictability of each scene's progression. Between Rachel Moore's savage submission and Amber Lynn's slap-and-tickle Dominance, this tape is a winner that defies the fast-forward button and lives to tell the tale.

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