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Momster in Law

Momster in Law

Released Feb 12th, 2024
Running Time 86 Min.
Director Uncredited
Company MYLF
Distribution Company New Sensations
DVD Extra Still Gallery(ies)
Cast Ryan Keely, Oliver Flynn, Serena Hill
Critical Rating AAA
Genres Parody, Taboo Relations, Marquee



Love is in the air! Ryan Keely has always been the most important woman to her stepson, Oliver Flynn. Until Serena Hill captures his heart ... and dick! Ryan will do whatever it takes to keep them apart, even if it makes her a monster mother in law.


Oliver Flynn's romantic proposal to Serena Hill is interrupted by his cell phone insistently ringing as "Step Mommy" displays on the screen. "Sorry, I should have turned that on silent," he mutters as he sends the call to voicemail. As Hill says, "Yes!" Step Mommy Ryan Keely, in a candlelit bubble bath, airily tells Flynn that whatever he's doing must be terribly important and summons him to lunch tomorrow. She has trouble ending the call, yelling, "Antoine! I can't move, I have cucumbers on my eyes!" Flynn tells Hill that Mom can be difficult around his girlfriends, and Hill ripostes, "Good thing I'm your fiancée."

When they meet, Mom is coquettish and affectionate with Flynn, and nastily fake-solicitous with Hill, fantasizing strangling her when Flynn tells her about the engagement, and having a fainting spell in reality. In her bedroom, Keely tells Flynn that she lost her job and was hoping he would comfort her ... which she guilts him into as Hill waits outside. Flynn invites Mom to stay with him and Hill, so they can take care of her, and when he leaves to break the news to Hill, Keely looks into camera and snarls, "That two-bit tramp isn’t going to take my son away from me."

When Flynn is called out of town on a work trip, Keely appropriates the couple's king-size bed, ordering Hill around ("I need water in a glass. I don’t drink from plastic."), drama-queen guilting Hill into joining her in bed ("My nerves. I can’t be alone.") and questioning her sexual prowess, goading Hill into showing her what she's got and taking full advantage with a strap-on, leading Keely to huff out of the room, naked, and Hill to muse, "What the hell just happened ... ?"

Come the wedding day, Keely struts in on Hill in a glammed up white floor-length dress, leading to a skirmish and Hill to declare, "The wedding's off!" When Hill breaks the news to Flynn, Mom joins them to give her blessing ... and initiate a three-way, which Hill agrees to at once, surprising Flynn, but what the hell. Black tie, white lingerie, veil ... let the ceremony begin.

Contrived plot actually gets in the way of three well-executed sex scenes. Will appeal to fans of the players and/or taboo fare.

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