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Released Feb 06th, 2024
Running Time 90 Min.
Director Stella Smut
Companies Transfixed, Adult Time
Distribution Company Pulse Distribution
DVD Extras Still Gallery(ies), Trailer(s)
Cast Siri Dahl, Khloe Kay, Eva Maxim, Avery Jane, Leana Lovings, Zariah Aura
Non-Sex Roles Bree Mills
Critical Rating AAAA 1/2
Genres Comedy, Trans, Editor's Choice



Three scientists (Avery Jane, Leana Lovings, Siri Dahl) are preparing three beautiful androids (Eva Maxim, Khloe Kay, Zariah Aura) to get approval for mass production from a major investor. The androids are known as "trandroids," which is short for "transformative androids," and are meant to be perfect platonic companions. But the scientists are thrown a curveball when their investor requests that the trandroids be made into romantic companions instead.


Jaunty music as the camera cruises through a scientific laboratory. Beakers, test tubes, trays with body parts, lab-coated technicians with clipboards taking notes. Two draped bodies on gurneys. Scientist Leana Lovings declares that her creation, Eva, is the perfect platonic companion, and then scientist Siri Dahl one-ups her by saying that her creation has a second personality, like a pet cat: "It's like having two in one! Double duty!"

"But cats behave like assholes," scientist Avery Jane points out. "What was your sample size for this in terms of customer approval?"

"Sample size, shmample size," Dahl scoffs. "I'm not here to pander to a bunch of dudes who happen to be billionaires."

A lab assistant suggests adding boobs to the "transformative androids" to make them more attractive to male consumers. The scientists laugh at that idea, with one opining that adding a fondue function may help with consumers. The discussion is interrupted by a voice from an intercom: the scientists' big boss, saying that the scientists need to make the bots sexier, and add an orgasm function. "We've seen a huge demand for artificial romantic partners in the single-adult demographic, so we're going to adjust our plans." The scientists readily agree, saying they were going to add breasts all along as the lab assistant rolls her eyes and leaves in disgust.

Now cooperating instead of competing, the scientists increase the sex appeal of the previously-genderless "trandroids" by adding breasts and penises, but the software has a problem: the trandroids glitch after orgasm, frustrating Jane: "The code should be perfect! I made it and I'm perfect!" They decide to fix the problem with an aftermarket software patch and leave triumphantly, oblivious to the lab assistant walking into the lab with serums they asked for.

The presentation of the trandroids to the big boss ends badly when the trandroids escape, leading to the scientists having to capture them and bring them back to the lab. Jane hits pay dirt first, walking in on two of the trandroids having sex and inserting herself between them, her pleasure increased by a proprietary pride at her perfect creations. The trandroids' orgasms don’t achieve the desired shutdown, leading Jane to say, "We'll just have to try harder," focusing on one trandroid as the other escapes. Lovings finds a trandroid on all fours, getting rammed by a fucking machine. Lovings strips down and joins the party.

After a confrontation with the lab assistant, who admits to sabotaging the trandroids' rollout in a standout cameo performance, Dahl finds Jane's escaped trandroid jerking off in a lab. Dahl admiringly says, "I really did a good job on you, didn’t I?" before kneeling down to get a taste of her handiwork. When Dahl realizes the trandroid didn’t shut down at orgasm, she has an inspiration and collects the trandroids to fuck her, asking Lovings to deactivate the trandroids one-by-one as they climax while Jane stalls the big boss on the intercom. Dahl, ever the scientist, coolly relates her observations to Lovings, who takes notes on a clipboard. The trandroids deactivated, the scientists present their findings to the big boss, who orders immediate mass production ... but the trandroids' reaction to this news makes the viewer wonder if this is a good idea.

Clever script, well executed by director Stella Smut. Jane is excellent as the know-it-all who takes credit for all successes and fobs off failures on others, Lovings nails the innocent we-can-build-a-platonic-companion dweeb character, and Dahl shines as the scientist obsessed with adding cat characteristics to the trandroids ("I can give you a tail"). Trandroids Khloe Kay, Eva Maxim and Zariah Aura play the newborn-and-horny characters familiar in sci-fi porn to perfection, aided by understated and subtle special effects. Recommended.

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