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The Summoning

The Summoning

Released Jan 19th, 2024
Running Time 93 Min.
Director Uncredited
Company Team Skeet
Distribution Company Pulse Distribution
DVD Extra Still Gallery(ies)
Cast Peter Green, Sergeant Miles, Macy Meadows, Nicky Rebel, Joshua Lewis, Leana Lovings, Mandy Waters
Non-Sex Roles Bubbles, Vivianne DeSilva
Critical Rating AAAA
Genres Taboo Relations, Action/Thriller, Marquee, Multi-Partner



After her father's death, Leana Lovings' grief leads her down a dark, yet pleasurable path. She discovers a magical necklace and a mysterious notebook, and finds herself experiencing twisted sexual encounters with taboo partners. Is this a case of a young girl simply becoming a woman, or has she opened herself ... and her legs ... to dark entities determined to bring about her corruption?


Following her stepfather’s death due to fanatical cult members, Leanna Lovings' life continues on a melancholy level. When her stepmother remarries, Lovings comes into possession of her stepfather’s magic pendant and occult book of spells—and more.

Quiet and subdued, Lovings regains her first flicker of interest when invited to a Halloween party. Dressed as a witch and using the pendant and book as a prop, she becomes the willing object of desire for both of her stepbrothers, Nicky Rebel and Joshua Lewis, who sandwich her at the party as costumed onlookers raptly enjoy the show.

Lovings' obsession with the book becomes all-encompassing. “I felt like I was given a magic wand,” she says, “and a way to change everything.” She becomes obsessed with bringing her stepfather back from the dead. She learns that by combining her pendant with its match—worn by her stepbrother—almost anything is possible.

Haunted by screaming nightmares, Lovings finds solace when her stepparents, Mandy Waters and Sargeant Miles, agree to sleep with her to calm her down, but this close proximity casts its own spell on her libido, compelling her to begin masturbating between the two of them—and with her urgings, they join in.

Next, her stepbro Nicky convinces her to complete the spell, and the added simultaneous tonguing by Macy Meadows and Peter Green as Rebel fingers her is just the start of their foursome.

Things end in a macabre manner as Lovings, now a full-on costumed occultist, joins with her devilish stepdad and horny stepmom to convince Lewis that they need his body for a sexual (foursome) ritual to bring back their departed dad. A twist ending happens when ... well, that would be telling too much. Watch the video!

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