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American Stud

American Stud

Released Dec 20th, 2023
Running Time 111 Min.
Director Dana Vespoli
Company Wicked Pictures
Distribution Company Pulse Distribution
Cast Ramon Nomar, Evan Stone, Seth Gamble, Aiden Ashley, Jessie Saint, Cam Damage, Coco Lovelock, Maya Woulfe
Non-Sex Roles Dana Vespoli
Critical Rating AAAA 1/2
Genres Drama, Editor's Choice



Adrian (Seth Gamble) is a high-end male escort in Los Angeles, servicing the Hollywood elite as well as Washington bigwigs with his best friend Jamie (Cam Damage). After he falls in love with a powerful film producer's wife, Willow (Aiden Ashley), Adrian finds himself in grave danger, and risks losing everything and everyone that matters to him.


In three of the four scenes, Seth Gamble is The American Stud. In what appears to be an exotic, and expensive, California seaside setting, Gamble gets his start at sex when all it takes is a yearning look from Aiden Ashley to immediately take her, romantically, in a bedroom romp that carefully ends with him jacking off to give her an internal, loving pop shot. The plot then starts to flesh out when it is revealed that Ashley’s husband, a producer played by Evan Stone, quietly knows of their affair. Wealthy as sin, he literally owns half of Hollywood, and she cannot leave him to stay with a smitten Gamble.

Needing a distraction, after an assumed, and much needed, rest, Gamble brings in Ramon Nomar to help sandwich party girl Maya Woulfe. In the meantime, Stone pulls the casting couch routine on an initially quiet, and fresh off the turnip truck, Coco Lovelock, who, impressed by his position of power in Hollywood, follows his directions to seduce him perfectly and to completion. Along with plenty of action, Lovelock includes a soaking squirt and he reciprocates with whacking off on her belly—and then brushing her off in regards to getting her a part.

The melodrama gets quite strong as the remainder touches on a threesome with Cam Damage and Jessie Saint, kidnapping, blindfolding, murder, revenge, power plays, set-ups, guns, costumed voyeurism, broken hearts, and other emotional anchors that weigh Gamble down to unwanted depths of self-esteem and hopelessness. A downer of an ending will make the average viewer rethink their expectations of what, for some, is stimulation.

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