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Released Feb 19th, 2024
Running Time 133 Min.
Director Seth Gamble
Company Wicked Pictures
Distribution Company Pulse Distribution
Cast Seth Gamble, Violet Starr, Jill Kassidy, Jane Wilde, Alexis Tae, Queenie Sateen
Critical Rating AAAA 1/2
Genres Editor's Choice, Cinemacore



AVN Performer of the Year and award-winning director Seth Gamble presents "Timeless," a captivating adult movie that transcends time itself. Spotlighting today's hottest A-list performers, each scene unfolds in a different decade, beginning with the roaring 1920s before moving seamlessly through the elegant 1930s, the vibrant swing of the 1940s, and the sexy, exuberant 1950s. As "Timeless" navigates these distinct epochs, it beautiful captures the evolution of fashion, music and seduction. Seth Gamble's "Timeless" is an erotically, visually stunning and emotionally resonant celebration of rhythm and lust across the decades.


Sex is a given. Sex is constant. And, as this release from director and lone male performer Seth Gamble proves, sex is also timeless. Scanning four decades, from the flappers of the Roaring '20s to the folks in the '50s, Gamble screws his way through multiple babes.

Back in the 1920s, it was before the advent of talkies, so the opening piano and small band music of the first scene befits the era. Excellent staging, costumes and more cement the setting in one’s mind as Gamble drives in on his flivver and confronts Violet Starr, who is decked out like a gal ready to do the Charleston—in what appears to be a brothel. Aside from moans and groans, once the music ends and a bit more colorization emerges, their physical interaction speaks for itself in a hot scene that is finalized by a pop on her short, neatly-trimmed pubes.

The 1930s has Queenie Sateen showing off her excellent vocals as she sings a sultry torch song in a theatre. With plenty of teasing, she surprises the audience and strips and flirts while wrapping up her last tune, then when the audience has left, it is just her and Gamble. She puts on another show—this time masturbating—then does him on the stage, where he barely has time to pull out before explodinh on her short hairs.

Cut to the Swing Era of the '40s where a swingin’ Gamble has to share his dick with Alexis Tae and Jane Wilde. Accompanied by tastes of big band music, Tae calls Wilde to gleefully let her know the war is over and the partying has just begun. Tae and Wilde dance to near exhaustion at a USO party honoring returning soldiers, then do a bit of Sapphic play before making it a threesome with soldier boy Gamble.

Finally it is time to rock and roll in the '50s. A bespectacled, clean-cut Gamble, wearing a fedora and looking like an accountant or insurance agent, is easily seduced by a masturbating Jill Kassidy, who closes her lingerie shop to do him. Great scene, strong sex, and a fitting finish where, mouth and face soaked by Gamble, she demurely asks him if he fucks his wife like that.

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