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The Sex Therapist 6

The Sex Therapist 6

Released Nov 16th, 2023
Running Time 115 Min.
Director Mike Quasar
Company Sweet Sinner
Distribution Company Mile High Media
DVD Extra Still Gallery(ies)
Cast Derrick Pierce, Tommy Pistol, Ryan Driller, Lexi Luna, Victoria Voxxx, Freya Parker, Tyler Cruise
Non-Sex Roles Others
Critical Rating AAAA
Genres Drama, Marquee



Victoria is a sex and relationship therapist who struggles to find meaningful relationships in her own life. She becomes obsessed with the husband of one of her clients and decides to cross every boundary required by her profession in a quest to be with him. Soon enough, the lies and deception take their inevitable toll and things spiral out of control.


Poor Victoria Voxxx. She can help others with their sexual problems, but her own life is a mess. When she starts a casual telephone conversation with colleague Freya Parker while Tyler Cruise is nose-deep in her nether regions, Cruise retreats with a sulky "Never mind" and is unmoved by her pausing the call and yelling, "It's called multitasking!" as he huffily leaves the room. After ending the call and a semi-conciliatory conversation ("You mean as much to me as you possibly can") she issues a take-it-or-leave-it ultimatum ("Are you going to fuck me or not? Because I really don't feel like psychoanalyzing anybody else today") and he takes it.

When client Lexi Luna tells Voxxx about her relationship with her husband, with such a deep connection they finish each other's sentences, Voxxx writes "SHUT THE FUCK UP" on her notepad, and when Luna talks about his interest in rough sex ... Voxxx dolls herself up and heads to the bar where the guy hangs out with Parker as wing-woman. As Voxxx and the husband (Derrick Pierce) eye each other at the bar, back at home Luna confides to friendzoned Ryan Driller that what he thinks is her solid gold relationship with Pierce "is more like gold-plated"—hanging a shotgun on the wall for future use—and then the timeline flashes back to Luna in session telling Voxxx she thinks Pierce may be cheating and then flashes forward to Pierce cheating with Voxxx right now, with some of the rough play that intrigued her.

When Parker reproaches Voxxx for her indiscretion/ethics lapse, Voxxx points out that nobody's going to find out, "just like nobody's ever going to find out about you fucking your new stepdad," and then Voxxx sends Pierce a sexy selfie ... which is intercepted by Luna.

Parker gets horizontal with stepdad Tommy Pistol in an unhurried, deliberate scene, and then Luna turns to Driller for solace after she realizes she's been betrayed by her husband and her therapist. When she kisses Driller, he protests, "I thought you said you couldn't do this," to which she snaps, "I have to do something." The movie closes with Voxxx in her therapy office with Luna and Pierce on the couch, setting things up for Part 7.

Mike Quasar's clever screenplay winks at the viewer as it revisits familiar porn setups—the sex therapist with problems of her own, the new stepfather, the wronged wife letting her frustrated platonic confidant out of the friend zone—and presents them afresh.

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