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Like This!

Like This!

Released Nov 22nd, 2023
Running Time 94 Min.
Director Sam Larke
Company Joybear Pictures
Cast Liz Rainbow, Sam Bourne, Sylvan, Jesus Reyes, Nata Gold (fka Nata Ocean), Paulita Pappel, Diosa Mor
Critical Rating AAAA
Genres Anthology, Marquee, Foreign



Three highly competitive porn performer pals are on a mission to create the most liked piece of video content, within a week of being posted. This is what they came up with.


The premise is simple: performers are challenged to shoot their own content and post it online, trying to get the most "likes" for the week after the posting.

Sam Bourne is up first, making brownies for his cooking blog in a classic inept-guy way ("I don't have any butter, because my local supermarket is rubbish, so I've got milk instead—this should work out") before he's interrupted by girlfriend Nata Ocean, holding her phone aloft and asking him, "What are you doing?" for her blog. She has carnal matters in mind as he tries to put the brownies together, rubbing her arse against his crotch as he pouts, "Stop that!" until he finally looks at his camera and asks for a two-minute break. The encounter that follows takes longer than two minutes and there seems to be a camera operator supplementing the hand-held phonecam, but the scene still has an improvised feel.

Paulita Pappel and Jesus Reyes live-cam each other naked, then as they dress she invites him to her place for dinner, promising "a surprise." In DM, she reveals that she wants to fuck him ... "with clothes ON." The ensuing scene cuts between a fixed cam on sticks and a hand-held phone they pass back and forth, and they do keep their clothes on. Mostly.

Nata Ocean is back with Sylvan, walking in on him after a video-call job interview and swinging her phone cam to reveal that although he was work-dressed for the interview with dress shirt and tie, he was naked from the waist down. When she says she wants to have sex for her blog, he is not only agreeable but whips out his own camera to put on a tripod and record their tryst so he can post it too. The scene ends with an unexpected but logical laugh-out-loud punchline.

The final scene, "Dipping Your Toe In," starts with a montage of Diosa Mor from the ankles down as she laughs, "You always film my feet." When she walks in on Liz Rainbow showing off strappy heels, Rainbow asks, "Are you teasing me or what?" and More says, "Maybe ... do you like them?" Rainbow turns on her camera and Mor hand-holds hers as Rainbow goes to town on Mor's feet. They eventually work their way up, but keep the pedal emphasis throughout. (The title is a hint.)

Totally a reflection of the cell-phone age, Like This! fills the frame with hand-held shots, portrait framing (sometimes with icons), emojis, DMs, on-screen reactions to live blogging, and a scoreboard at the end showing which of the four videos won the most-likes competition. Clever and casual, Like This! is a good choice for millennials and fans of the Joybear catalog.

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