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No Going Back

No Going Back

Released Oct 24th, 2023
Running Time 197 Min.
Directors Michael Vegas, Siouxsie Q, Ricky Greenwood
Company Devil's Film
Distribution Company Pulse Distribution
DVD Extras Cumshot Recap, Still Gallery(ies)
Cast Tommy Pistol, Alex Jones, Nathan Bronson, Lilly Bell, Vanessa Vega, Leana Lovings, Katrina Colt
Non-Sex Roles Marie McCray, Mona Azar
Critical Rating AAAA 1/2
Genres Drama, Anthology, Editor's Choice, Featurette



Four dramatic tales from the Pure Taboo vault.


Four lengthy, dramatic featurettes.

Katrina Colt is massively pissed off at Alex Jones, who took a plea deal that sent her husband—Jones' brother—to jail, and she has no trouble expressing this to him ("Fuck you! My husband should be here for me and the kids!"), but when he tells her that he's loved her all along but she chose his brother ... her dormant feelings come to the surface. Although she's reluctant ("If he finds out, it would destroy him") she gives in. Their tryst is interrupted by a call from the jailbird, who obliviously tells her to call his brother if she needs anything, and she has a temporary pang of conscience but it doesn’t last. At scene's end, Jones drops a bomb on Colt implying this isn't going to be a one-time thing.

Leana Lovings needs teacher Tommy Pistol's help prepping her college application, but he's reluctant to help her in her bedroom. He finally agrees, musing to himself, "What's the worst that could happen?" He assures her that she's 18, this is her time, and she should go for what she wants. Turns out, what she wants is Pistol. He does the honorable thing, initially, but when she runs down the list of students he's already done the deed with, he turns on a dime and threateningly sneers, "They were supposed to keep a secret. How do we get you to keep the secret?" The acting is superlative here, with Pistol the predator backed into a corner ready to fuck his way out (and find out who else knows about his extracurricular activities) and Lovings the would-be teen seductress suddenly in over her head and not quite sure what to do about it.

Scene three, "No Going Back," starts very strong, with Nathan Bronson reassuring a dazed Vanessa Vega that everything's okay and they really had no choice, as she intones, "We didn’t have to do it." Flash back to Vega on the phone with a man telling her he'll kill her husband so they can be together: "It's what you want, isn't it?" The story ping-pongs back and forth in time, documenting her marriage with Bronson and her confession of the affair and the threat on Bronson's life. When the lover breaks into their house, wielding a crowbar, Bronson disarms him, then kills the lover when he charges and Bronson defends himself with the crowbar. Thisreceived acting nominations for Bronson and Vega and a screenplay nomination for the 2024 AVN Awards.

In the closer, real estate agent Lilly Bell shows a house to Mona Azar and Tommy Pistol—three bedrooms, four baths, ideal for a family—but while Azar gets into inspecting the house, Pistol is eyeing Bell. When Azar observes that a bedroom-adjacent bathroom is small, Bell sends her to check out a bigger one downstairs "and I'll talk financials with your husband." With the wife gone, she talks business with Pistol: "I saw how you were looking at me." Bell "accidentally" locks Azar in the bathroom and gives Pistol a teasing blowjob, stopping right before Pistol is going to finish and "rescuing" Azar—just to trap Azar again and "finish what we started," she tells Pistol.

Not light-hearted, but solid drama for those who can handle it, with sex that makes sense in context. Recommended.

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