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Just the Tip

Just the Tip

Released Nov 29th, 2023
Running Time 123 Min.
Director Eddie Nova
Company Wicked Pictures
Distribution Company Pulse Distribution
Cast Jack Vegas, Seth Gamble, Robby Apples (aka Robby Echo), Melissa Stratton, Mina Luxx, Chantal Danielle, Queenie Sateen
Critical Rating AAA 1/2
Genres Drama, Marquee



In "Just the Tip," one unforgettable day unfolds through the eyes of four compelling characters—the dream-chasing waitress, her honest and kind restaurant-owner father, the charismatic ex-boyfriend and his enigmatic new girlfriend. Love, jealousy and a touch of magic collide as their lives intertwine during this one fateful day. Can they find what they truly desire, or is it just an illusion? It's a day of revelations, transformations and sexy encounters that you won't want to miss.


No time is wasted getting to sex in the beginning as Seth Gamble, with just a nod of his head, gets busty and well-inked hitchhiker Chantal Danielle into his car and, with a quick camera cut, naked and in his bed for a quickie.

Flash ahead a few months to Gamble telling her she has outlasted her welcome but still comes in handy by making his ex-girlfriend Mina Luxx, a waitress, jealous. Robby Apples and Queenie Sateen, self-professed “spellbinders” who look like old-time Victorian carnies, enter the picture and disrupt everyone with their mystical manipulations.

Luxx’s dad, Jack Vegas, owns the restaurant where she works, and Melissa Stratton, looking like a school-marm, stops in with a birthday cake. The spellbinders do their thing and she turns into a sexy MILF and does Vegas in the back room. Echo and Sateen then do one another in the restaurant booth as Luxx, spellbound, gets naked and masturbates to their sex.

With one last spell, Gamble and Luxx get back together and, in a puzzling finish, a radio report overheard implies they the spellbinders were seen in a mysterious craft—a la a UFO—that took off and disappeared.

A lighthearted romp with wacky characters and mystical implications.

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