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After the first fifteen minutes or so, the sex comes fast, furious and varied.  The whopping nine hardcore sequences, plus the storyline, are reminiscent of erotic epics of the late '70s and early '80s.  Samantha Strong is at her doe-eyed best and porn's grand pooh-bah, Jamie Gillis as "Sinello Mentor," is also a winner.  Director Grey, all performers and technicians involved deserve a hearty round of applause.

The action begins as the spoiled and prudish Strong and hubby Mike Horner encounter car trouble en route to a party.  Gillis' limousine appears out of nowhere and offers them a ride to his club, "Sin City," where they can make the necessary phone calls.  Upon arrival, the couple are immediately separated and each experiences his/her own odyssey.  Gillis seduces Strong in a stairwell as only he can, with his enticing voice and nasty suggestions.  The strange lighting compliments the even stranger jerk-off session in which Gillis magnificently pops on Strong's angelic face.  After that point, the camera follows Horner's adventures until the very end.

Onstage, Tom Chapman has an anal escapade.  Beneath a table, Napoleon snacks on Ona Zee.  Morrelle DeKeigh propositions Horner at the bar.  He watches Jon Dough and Diedre Holland in a beautiful Jacuzzi romp.  And who could refuse Zee, bent over, budding, "Come on, daddy, fuck me in the ass."  Certainly not Horner, even though he does don a condom.  It is an arousing montage of erotic encounters, one practically melting into the next.

Before their car broke down, Horner wished someone would teach Strong about the real world while she, in turn, prayed for a Porsche.  (Samantha in real life, some cynics might argue.)  Perhaps that explains why he is so accepting when Strong dances onstage at "Sin City" and takes on four guys.  Nearby, Wayne Summers has a bartop fuck and Horner himself doesn't refuse Mikki Snow crawling between his legs and taking him into her mouth.

Suddenly, the screen goes blank,  Horner and Strong are back in their car, which starts up like a charm.  Was it all a dream?  But then Gillis approaches in his limousine, making the question mark even more pronounced.  As Zee said earlier in the film, "'Sin City' has been around for a long time.  Some wish it weren't and others wish it were."  Retailers and viewers will certainly wish the latter.  Killer packaging and one of the best boxcovers of the year guarantees this to be a winner.

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