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Director Derek Dozer
Company Deeper
Distribution Company Pulse Distribution
DVD Extras Cumshot Recap, Still Gallery(ies)
Cast Charles Dera, Jax Slayher, Oliver Flynn, Kylie Rocket, Tommy King, Katrina Colt, Lily Starfire, Victor Ray
Critical Rating AAA 1/2
Genres Anthology, Marquee



Director Derek Dozer brings you four new stories from Deeper.com. Katrina Colt experiments with submission when she throws herself at a sadistic man's mercy in "Escalation." Lily Starfire goes undercover to seduce a strip club manager in a twisted shakedown in "Encore." Kylie Rocket is a brat to her tutor and his ruler in "Take a Mile." In "The Coat Roam," Tommy King's husband interrupts a moment with her sidepiece, who watches and waits from the closet as the couple finishes their own quickie before fucking her too. Each plays Shamelessly, and wins.


Four freestanding featurettes.

Katrina Colt dresses with care: Lacy skin-tone bra, matching crotchless G-string, translucent beige top, shiny miniskirt. Earrings just so. Ensemble finished, she exits, then returns. Forgot something. Puts a gold buttplug on her vanity table. Runs downstairs to meet Oliver Flynn, who coldly tells her, "I let myself in, seeing as you've made for yourself a situation ripe for invasion. From now on, you will leave your doors locked when you are home. Do you understand?" He hands her a folder. "Read it. What is your safeword?" "Hollywood." "Write it down. Next, write your No list. Anything that's off limits. Now sign it." He then takes control immediately: Walks her to the bathroom, pushes her into the shower, turns it on. Hands her a box. "Take this upstairs, and try again." She comes back downstairs in a strappy body harness, with a collar and leash. Eyes cast down, she presents the leash to Flynn. He leads her upstairs, pushes her down on a bed, puts a bit in her mouth, fastens it behind her neck, fastens a leg spreader onto her ankles, starting an anal-inclusive dom-sex session.

"There are dames, and there are dames," stripper Lily Starfire observes as she takes the stage to '60s bad-girl music. "And you can't get away with saying 'dames' nowadays so what's the difference anyway?" After running down a list of slang terms for the women one finds in film noir, she concludes, "I've been most of them. Around here, you never know which girl you're going to be." Victor Ray, helpfully introduced as "The Mark," is Starfire's quarry, getting a lapdance that escalates into a blowjob and eventually a pas de deux on the strip club stage in front of a hidden camera for blackmail purposes. Or something.

On May 10, 1975, at 4:20 pm (!) Kylie Rocket sets fire to a letter, saying, "Academic Probation my ass." She tells Jax Slayher, her brother's tutor, that mom took brother to the clinic, because "he's sick—I'm all alone here." When Slayher smells something herbal in her purse, he asks, "Isn’t that stuff illegal?" "Not for long." And when she purrs, "Teach me a lesson ... I won’t tell," Slayher is up to the challenge.

Tommy King and Oliver Flynn's surreptitious mid-party bedroom tryst is interrupted by the appearance of her husband Charles Dera, who is irritated that King changes clothes halfway through the evening, "but I like the process." Flynn watches from the closet where King hid him as Dera is satiated by a quickie, but King is ready for seconds. Enter Flynn, from the closet, initially reluctant ("He was all over you"), but when she indicates her ass and says, "He missed a spot," he gets interested.

High production value and professional performances on both sides of the camera. 

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