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Luxure: My Wife's Lovers

Luxure: My Wife's Lovers

Released Nov 10th, 2023
Running Time 103 Min.
Director Hervé Bodilis
Company Dorcel
Distribution Company Pulse Distribution
Cast Alex Romero, Tony Carrera, Shalina Devine, Ricky Mancini, Lilly Bell, Liz Jordan, Tommy Cabrio, Lauren Walker, Carollina Cherry, James Duval, Jimmy Bud
Critical Rating AAA 1/2
Genres Polyamory, Marquee, Foreign, Multi-Partner



American beauties Lilly Bell and Liz Jordan discover shared pleasures ... a la francaise!


Five zipless scenes with a French flavor.

Lilly Bell and Liz Jordan pep-talk each other as they don black lingerie and stockings, and then sit and wait until Tony Carrera shambles in in black T-shirt and chinos. He tells them, "You're both stunning," and tells Jordan, "Open your legs," as he pulls a large wand vibe out of his pocket and teases her thigh with it. He vibes his way up her body as Bell kisses her way up Jordan's thigh ... but not all the way, getting distracted by kissing Carrera. The three trade pleasures in an intense scene soundtracked by moans, giggles and the continuous hummmmm of the vibe. 

Shalina Devine's makeup touchup is interrupted by a phone call telling her, "We're all downstairs." She responds with, "Come up in five minutes," before giving her lingerie a last-minute adjustment, leaving her front door ajar, and blindfolding herself as she sits on her couch with an enigmatic half-smile. When Ricky Mancini, Jimmy Bud and James Duval enter, she invites them, "Get closer. Don’t be shy." She asks, "Can you give me a good party today?" and gets an intense whispered "Yes" in response. Sometime during the triple blowjob she's relieved of the blindfold, followed by the lingerie, as the party progresses from oral to anal to d.p., ending with a triple oral finish as the guys stand shoulder-to-shoulder.

Later, as Devine lounges mostly naked on her couch, Carrera strolls in and casually asks why she's dressed like that, she tells him she had three guys over and do you want to hear about it?

Bell and Alex Romero approach a front door and Bell tells Romero, "It's my turn to have a guy. I count on you to be watching. We had a deal, and it starts now." She adds, "You'll see a man treat his wife how she really should be treated," as she opens Ricky Mancini's pants and gives him a slow, deliberate blowjob until her whispered, intense, "Fuck me." Mancini attends her from behind as she busies herself with Romero in her mouth, letting Romero play second banana until Mancini finishes up, and then throwing down the gauntlet: "Do you think you can fuck me as good as him?" He gives it a shot.

After some discussion with husband Tommy Cabrio, Carollina Cherry struts down a hallway in the traditional lacy bra/G-string/garter belt/black stockings/spike heels outfit to meet Cabrio and Jimmy Bud as they await her. She wordlessly kisses Bud, working her way down to his fly and sucking him to erection, playing to Cabrio as he strokes himself, saying, "Your friend has a great cock, I think I'm going to love it." She pulls off the G-string and mounts Bud, but desire gets the better of Cabrio and he joins them.

Lauren Walker tells Shalina Devine, "Okay, I'll do it for you," and gets blindfolded in anticipation of "fooling around" with Divine's husband as Divine watches, but Divine admits, "I'm planning to join you," in a sultry whisper. Alex Romero walks in (Wasn't he with Lilly Bell in scene one? What are you, a scorekeeper? Play along.) and Devine jumps in right from the start, mouthing Romero's balls as Walker sucks him and fully involving herself in the anal-inclusive fuck scene that follows.

Narratively disjointed and confusing for people trying to fit the puzzle pieces together, but the scenes are well shot and edited and the sex is solid—and that's enough to recommend it to fans of foreign fare.

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