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Gooner School

Gooner School

Released Oct 17th, 2023
Running Time 221 Min.
Directors John Stagliano, Sheena Shaw
Company Evil Angel
DVD Extra Biography(ies)
Cast Aiden Starr, Sheena Shaw, Gia Derza, Tommy King, Sophia Burns
Non-Sex Roles John Stagliano
Critical Rating AAAA 1/2
Genres Gonzo, Star Showcase, Editor's Choice



Dirty-talking Sheena and her comely costars taunt shamelessly porn-addicted "Gooners"—including the cameraman and viewers—about the dirty fun they can only watch, but never touch.


This certainly showcases Sheena Shaw, who is invested in many aspects of this release—from performer to co-director—as she appears in every segment.

How do you start the day? With a healthy "Breakfast at Sheena’s," where Aiden Starr uses Shaw’s ass as a cereal bowl after she widens it thanks to an anal strap-on, alternating each of her hands fisting in her rear wrist-deep, and forcing it open wide with a speculum while milk and a familiar colorful cereal is poured into the liquid. From here both girls spoon up and, giddily laughing, eat it all.

Following is a short scene where Shaw and Starr, attired in kinky black fetish outfits, put on a boob-friendly and butt-tonguing show for an unseen but heard John Stagliano. Next, baseball fans may be interested in seeing the creative way Gia Derza uses a colorful baseball bat on Shaw’s rear following plenty of ball, fist and toy insertions and expulsions. They then hit a home run poolside where, among other things, they continue to show off their fisting abilities on one another and themselves. Going inside, the sports theme is continued with big balls testing the elasticity of their rears. It is also tested in the next scene where Tommy King enables Shaw’s rump to engulf an extraordinarily thick dildo and, of course, more fisting.

Up until now, Stagliano has just been heard, but when Sophia Burns is added, he makes it somewhat of a threesome. While not actively participating much beyond sticking his face in their asses, he is seen guiding them through more of the same including self and mutual fisting, demonstrating muscle control of objects protruding from their asses, and more.

Warning: viewers into fisting, anal insertions, and similar variations thereof, should be careful—else an anal overdose a la Stagliano may occur.

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