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Switch: Leaving Your Mark

Switch: Leaving Your Mark

Released Sep 25th, 2023
Running Time 180 Min.
Directors Lauren Phillips, Bree Mills
Company Adult Time
Distribution Company Pulse Distribution
DVD Extras Still Gallery(ies), Trailer(s)
Cast Casey Calvert, Lauren Phillips, Victoria Voxxx, Emma Rose, Hazel Grace, Maya Woulfe, Leana Lovings
Critical Rating AAAA 1/2
Genres BDSM, Editor's Choice



A series about BDSM relationships ... from the mind of Lauren Phillips.


Co-director Lauren Phillips breathlessly introduces Switch: Leaving Your Mark, pointing out that the production is an introduction to BDSM and "You don’t have to be submissive or Dominant, you can be both. It can be a power exchange, depending on the person you're with."

In the first sequence, Victoria Voxxx tells of finding a long-abandoned book in her parents' storage shed. Inside the plain brown wrapper is a well-worn book with a stylized drawing of a woman holding a skull, surrounded by flames, on the cover. She reads it ("I devoured it in one night") and begins to be obsessed by the ideas therein, eventually masturbating in her bed to the idea of being dominated. She confesses this to shrink Casey Calvert, who reassures her that these fantasies are common and a lot of people have them, and explains the BDSM terms to her, explaining that people who do that call it "playing ... because it's fun. We're playing." It turns out that Calvert is also a sex surrogate who offers BDSM. Right now, if you'd like. And Voxxx would like. Calvert takes charge, gently leading Voxxx through a session of being dominated, complete with licking Calvert to orgasm and masturbating with strict instructions not to cum without permission. As the session ends, Calvert confesses that she plays both sides of the BDSM street: "I also enjoy being submissive: I'm a 'Switch.'"

Calvert instructs Voxxx to get silk scarves, a belt, cuffs, a collar and a leash, and brings her to meet Maya Woulfe, "a friend of mine and an experienced submissive." When they walk in on Woulfe, she's nude, kneeling on a bed, and—on command—removes Calvert's and Voxxx's shoes. Calvert takes the lead, instructing Voxxx as they put Woulfe through her paces, starting with having Woulfe recite her safewords as Voxxx spanks her and continuing as Voxxx learns how to Dom under Calvert's guidance. This deliberate, intense scene received an AVN Award nomination for Best All-Girl Group Sex Scene.

Scene three changes things up as Lauren Phillips ignores a late-night call from Leana Lovings, sending it to voicemail. Lovings leaves a message asking if there are any BDSM sessions at her club, flashing back to being Dommed and saying, "I really need it." Phillips smiles, picks up a phone, tells somebody, "I think I have a new apprentice for you." Lovings knocks on a door at 8 a.m. and is sent to the back door, where she is given a contract by Hazel Grace and advised that she will be playing a Dominant role "with Mistress Emma and her pet." Phillips, lapping milk out of a bowl on the floor, is the pet. Emma Rose luxuriates as Grace lays down the rules to Lovings: Mistress Emma is in charge, "Miss Lauren will be our pet, and I will be a switch, I can Top you as well as you can Top me." Rose lays down the safewords as she toe-fucks Phillips's mouth and tells Lovings to get Grace undressed. They pleasure themselves with Phillips' body and Rose's cock, mixing and matching with Rose calling the shots, lipsticking SLUT TOY on Phillips's chest (with a little heart). The scene was AVN Award-nominated for Best Trans Group Sex Scene.

Scene four has Woulfe drawing a bath and asking in voiceover, "What do rules mean to a submissive? They are ... expectations." She runs over the rules she follows as a sub ... and then walks in on a dramatically-lit Lovings, hands bound above her head, coweringly clad in underwear, from the flashback in scene three. Woulfe, clad in shiny black, demands to be addressed as "Mistress Maya" and relishes dishing out what she was taking earlier, before the scene fades back to Woulfe in her bathtub, raising the question of whether it really happened. Although there is that flashback...

A gentle, non-threatening introductory to an often-intimidating subject. In addition to its scene nominations, Switch: Leaving Your Mark won Best BDSM Movie or Limited Series at the 2024 AVN Awards, making it a worthwhile addition to any fetish section.

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