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Primary 3

Primary 3

Running Time 189 Min.
Director Casey Calvert
Company Lust Cinema
Cast Derrick Pierce, Ryan Keely, Michael Vegas, Ana Foxxx, Siri Dahl, Casey Calvert, Codey Steele, Kira Noir, Victoria Voxxx, Vanessa Vega, Leo Vice
Critical Rating AAAA 1/2
Genre Polyamory



Written and directed by Casey Calvert, "Primary" is a Lust Cinema original series that explores diverse and authentic millennial relationships. This third season—starring an all-star lineup including Kira Noir, Derrick Pierce, Victoria Voxxx, Siri Dahl, Codey Steele, Casey Calvert and Ana Foxxx—is the ultimate culmination of a three-year, powerful and daunting journey into modern sex.


At a quiet at-home dinner, Siri Dahl and Codey Steele are surprised to find that Ana Foxxx and Derrick Pierce are "open" in their relationship, to the point of having Casey Calvert as a live-in ... "partner ... she's our partner," Foxxx says, grasping for words. "We like to ... play," Dahl tentatively says, but Foxxx sidesteps the gambit by saying, "We haven't played in a while," with a sound of finality.

On their way home, Dahl grumbles, "I should have dressed sexier," to which Steele responds, "You look gorgeous," and reinforces it in bed when they get home.

The next morning, Kira Noir rouses herself from bed and dresses for her fitness podcast, which is interrupted by galpal Victoria Voxxx running in and saying she just scored a gig as an opening act on a tour and she's going to do a music video, before noticing the camera on its tripod and asking, "Are you shooting...?"

When Pierce, a novelist upset that his book is being made as a western movie and really upset that his agent is negotiating sequel rights ("Am I making a sequel to my book or their movie?"), comes home from the movie set for a little solace, he finds Foxxx face-to-clit with Vanessa Vega. Foxxx stops just long enough to shoot Pierce a get-lost scowl before Vega snakes her leg around Foxxx's head to encourage her to get back to what she was doing. When Pierce confronts Foxxx about not letting him know about her tryst, she snaps, "You don’t give a shit about what goes on in other people's lives, and you know it."

Downstairs, Pierce dejectedly muses to Calvert that he wrote one book "and fucked it all up"—waving his hands to indicate his stylish Craftsman house—and Calvert says, "One day I hope my life could be as fucked up as this," to which Pierce responds, "Stuff doesn’t matter." Pierce's angst continues the next morning on the set, when he is confronted by the director and retreats to his trailer, where producer Ryan Keely comforts him—she does want the sequel.

When Noir visits Voxxx on the set of her music video (directed by Dahl!) she can't bring herself to confess a sexting indiscretion, and as she watches Voxxx perform on camera she gets a text from her sext buddy Michael Vegas, who invites her over and adds that a friend might join them. The friend (Leo Vice) is a fan of her podcast, adding a starstruck element to the three-way that follows. Back at their place, Voxxx catches Noir sending a titty pic. She's hurt: "Was it a guy? Violet told me you left the set yesterday."

"She had to tell you."

This leads to Noir and Voxxx tearfully re-evaluating their relationship, ending in kissing and making up. Or maybe not.

Following Calvert's advice ("Do something extravagant. You know what she likes.") Pierce stays home with Foxxx, giving her a "peace offering" before they get together with Calvert, Dahl and Steele in the five-way set-to that was hinted at in the beginning, leading to a closing montage showing all the characters going on with their lives.

The bits-and-pieces here-and-there narrative is reminiscent of the classic film Grand Hotel, especially when Lewis Stone obliviously observes, "Grand Hotel ... always the same. People come, people go. Nothing ever happens."

Primary 3 received nominations in 10 categories for the 2024 AVN Awards.

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