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Machine Gunner

Machine Gunner

Released Sep 26th, 2023
Running Time 202 Min.
Director Ricky Greenwood
Company Digital Playground
Distribution Company Pulse Distribution
DVD Extras Still Gallery(ies), Trailer(s)
Cast Scott Nails, Charles Dera, Tommy Pistol, Alex Jones, Luna Star, Isiah Maxwell, Damon Dice, Kira Noir, Kayley Gunner, Nicole Doshi
Non-Sex Roles Others, Herschel Savage
Critical Rating AAAAA
Genres Action/Thriller, Editor's Choice



Black ops soldiers must be willing to get dirty and deploy every weapon at their disposal—including unconventional ones—to get the job done. Nobody knows that better than badass squad leader Nikki Ransom (Kira Noir), whose clandestine paramilitary unit is tasked with tracking down and capturing disgraced colonel Joe Riggs (Alex Jones). To complicate matters, Riggs and Ransom have a history that risks jeopardizing the assignment. When Ransom's squad is ambushed by Riggs' rogue militia, they're to use rough tactics and an arsenal of firearms to fight and fuck their way through enemy lines to complete their explosive, shootout-filled mission.


Kira Noir's morning workout includes running on the beach, crunches, stretches, and donning ear and eye protection to load up her automatic weapons for target practice. When she finds a diamond ring in her footlocker with its press clippings of her anti-terrorist conquests glued inside the lid, she flashes back to a romantic encounter with boyfriend Alex Jones before suiting up.

Isiah Maxwell walks in on Nicole Doshi rubbing one out in the bunkhouse, and when she strikes a pose with her firearm and says, "I'm going to go crazy if I don’t see some action," Maxwell disarms her, pointing out you don't need a gun for the action he has in mind.

Outside the bunkhouse, Commanding Officer Herschel Savage ("You don’t have to salute me, you're a contractor now") tells Noir her next mission is an extraction, which Noir defiantly accepts as an order ("Yes, sir! When do we go?" "Now." "Roger that.") and when Noir gathers her troops, she catches Doshi, who salutes with jizz on her face ("Get your shit together, we leave in five") and then walks up on Kayley Gunner in mid-blowjob with Damon Dice, telling them, "Be ready in five minutes." After Noir leaves, Dice tells Gunner, "You heard the boss. Hurry up." Getting ready to start the mission, Noir briefs the crew and collects identifying insignia ("This is a black op. If you die out there, you die unknown.")

After Noir's crew gets into a firefight with enemy casualties, General Savage aborts the mission, but Noir sends them back and continues on her own. She's captured by Charles Dera and Scott Nails, and although they tie her up as a prisoner, she psy-ops them into fucking her "because the United States Government is going to rain down hell on this place anyway." And oh by the way Noir incapacitates them both as they get dressed afterwards, telling one, "That's for not giving me head," before escaping.

When she infiltrates the lair of the target—Alex Jones, her ex—she commandeers a truck and driver (Tommy Pistol), and to motivate him to get her to her destination, she tells him, "The faster you drive, the better I suck." But Pistol catches a sniper's bullet and Dera and Nails catch Noir, again, motivating Noir's not-yet-evacuated crew to try and rescue her. After some setbacks, they capture sniper Luna Star and go in to save Noir ... who is settling matters with Jones.

Machine Gunner is a tour-de-force throwback to the days of big-money high-production-value adult industry blockbusters, with contemporary twists like CGI muzzle flashes instead of real gunfire and a final after-the-credits sight gag. It earned 12 nominations for the 2024 AVN Awards and adds one final credit to the lengthy list compiled by veteran performer Herschel Savage. Recommended. Unequivocally.

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