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Released Sep 21st, 2023
Running Time 163 Min.
Director Stormy Daniels
Company Adam & Eve Pictures
Cast Stormy Daniels, Barrett Blade, Ryan McLane, Aiden Ashley, Will Pounder, Laney Grey, Jay Romero, August Skye, Allie Adams
Non-Sex Roles Jay Crew, Jason Christopher, Chris Cock, Steve Matts, D.J. Loupe
Critical Rating AAAA 1/2
Genres Drama, Editor's Choice



Stormy Daniels stars in this self-directed sweeping Western epic as struggling ranch owner Samantha. When she rejects an offer to sell to a wealthy land developer, the drama begins. Betrayal soon follows when Samantha's daughter, Meghan (Laney Grey), falls for the developer's son, Jason (Jay Romero). Heartbroken and on the verge of giving up, a surprise discovery is made, and help comes from the most unexpected person ... but will it be in time, and will it be enough?


This rural western drama about a family’s legacy begins upon the death of Stormy Daniels’ father, the ranch owner. Aiden Ashley learns of his demise when Daniels notifies next of kin, and Ashley finds comfort—and grief-driven sympathetic sex—in the arms of Allie Adams. 

After the funeral it is revealed that the ranch was left to Daniels with the stipulation that she keep it in the family and not sell—which really antagonizes Ashley, who is left out of any inheritance. Daniels describes her sister as “…not an outsider. Black sheep? Yeah, perhaps. Pain in my ass? Fucking definitely. Weirdo lesbian? Absolutely.” Which, strangely enough, momentarily brings them closer together.

In the meantime, Laney Grey (Daniels' daughter) is reacquainted, sexually, with Will Pounder in a barn by the horse stalls. After their roll by the hay, they argue and Pounder is beat up by Daniels and Barrett Blade and unceremoniously fired. 

Things then get complicated as they fight off an offer to buy the property by a predator developer. Grey unknowingly falls for the developer’s son, Pounder goes rogue, the place is burnt to the ground, horses are killed, a murder is revealed, and other twists emerge. Amazingly, after it is all over it turns into a feel-good finish with redemption being the final outcome.

Kudos to, frankly, all involved. Daniels should get most of the credit for starring, directing and writing. Grey, caught in the middle of the plot, is excellent. A great, wacky role by Will Pounder and his maniacal expressions almost steals the thunder from the others. Well done.

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