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Released Aug 30th, 2023
Running Time 185 Min.
Director Ricky Greenwood
Company Dorcel
Distribution Company Pulse Distribution
Cast Derrick Pierce, Mick Blue, Alex Jones, Casey Calvert, Isiah Maxwell, Kenna James, Kira Noir, Whitney Wright, Victoria Voxxx, Lilly Bell, Emma Rose, Maya Woulfe, James Bang, Lumi Ray
Critical Rating AAAA 1/2
Genres Anthology, Editor's Choice



What was supposed to be a simple private party turns into a true sensory experience.


Establishing drone shots of downtown L.A. at sunset. Glammed-up Casey Calvert and Kira Noir walk into an almost-deserted laundromat, its LAVANDERIA sign glowing in the darkness. Under purple neon lights by the dryers, they meet black-clad doorman Mick Blue, who asks their names and is unimpressed by their revealing club attire. He only grudgingly admits them after Calvert utters the password: "More. The password's More." Blue opens the door to a purple-curtained entry as club music thumps and a bearded guy obliviously unloads his dryer. At the check-in desk, they hand over their coats and cell phones, and as they enter, Noir asks, "What kind of party is this?" and Calvert says "A good one."

Inside the dimly-lit party, people dance, drink, converse. A leafy wall with a Where The Magic Happens neon sign sprouts hands that caress people who've come over to get felt up. Calvert sees the coat-check girl Victoria Voxxx and tells Noir, "I bet I can kiss the woman who checked us in," and Noir takes the bet. Calvert walks over, offers to buy Voxxx a drink, she declines ("We're not allowed to drink on the job. There are cameras everywhere.") and also hesitates when Calvert says she wants to kiss her: "Is kissing you against the rules?" "I'd like to, but —" she's interrupted by Calvert kissing her. "You're a good kisser," Voxxx says, to which Calvert ripostes, "You should see what else I can do with my mouth." Clearly rattled, Voxxx responds to a summons from her earpiece, but not before affixing a beaded bracelet on Calvert. "What's that for?"

"You'll find out."

Calvert returns to Noir and dares her to kiss Isiah Maxwell ("No. That was a failed experiment, proved to me that I'm super-gay.") but she takes the dare anyway and Maxwell takes it in stride when Calvert tells him that they're both into girls "but I was just trying to get her to push her limits." When Noir accuses Calvert of being all talk and no action, Calvert says she's game, "just don't make me fuck a guy." "What about a girl with something extra?" Maxwell asks, indicating DJ Emma Rose. Calvert and Noir approach her and double-team her at the DJ stand, eventually drawing her away as somebody else takes over with the music.

After Lilly Bell instigates a zipless bathroom fuck with Derrick Pierce ("I don’t want to know your name," she tells him), Maxwell gets lucky with Alex Jones and Maya Woulfe, who only likes multiple encounters "because nobody gets involved." At the check-in desk, doorman Blue joins the party, but keeps his earpiece inserted even after Voxxx tells him, "Go get into some trouble," with an enigmatic smile. Lumi Ray draws James Bang into a deserted room for some naked fun, while making eye contact with Blue, who is busying himself across the room with Kenna James and Whitney Wright.

As the party reaches apogee, Blue gathers the people Voxxx has given beaded bracelets (Calvert, Pierce and Maxwell; Noir is AWOL), and then Voxxx hands him a bracelet himself, so they can all get together with Voxxx for an orgy finale. "There's only one rule in this room tonight," Voxxx tells the group. "It's all about me, and my pleasure." They go along, but get in on the action themselves as well. Ending has Voxxx, sated, walking out of the laundromat at dawn, nude but for a jacket, getting into her chauffeured ride and heading off into the day.

More is a throwback to those '70s Golden Age movies where people get together and fuck without much of a plot. It worked for Behind the Green Door and innumerable orgy movies and it works here.

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