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Playing the Part

Playing the Part

Released Jul 11th, 2023
Running Time 88 Min.
Director Bree Mills
Companies Adult Time, Transfixed
Distribution Company Pulse Distribution
DVD Extras Still Gallery(ies), Trailer(s)
Cast Lydia Black, Shiri Allwood, Charlotte Sins, Eva Maxim
Critical Rating AAA 1/2
Genres Trans, Marquee, Featurette



Adult Time proudly presents Transfixed … the first premium trans women series.


Two separate featurettes. In "Playing the Part,"Lydia Black and Shiri Allwood plan a girls' night out at "a 10-star restaurant" but as soon as Black hangs up the phone she breaks the fourth wall, looking straight into camera and telling us Allwood will have a car accident, she will marry Allwood's husband and then she will inherit Allwood's diamond business, punctuating it with a classic badguy cackle....


Camera pulls back as a director rips everything apart, including the lighting ("Why is it so dark in here?!?? I said red and orange, not red and blue!"), and Black's performance ("That is the worst acting I have ever seen. Are you crying right now? Somebody get me a tissue!")

When Black takes a recovery break in the green room, she seeks solace from Allwood, trash-talking the production ("It's just another soap opera") and realizing that although they're both female leads in this show, they've never met before today. Black asks if it’s okay if she changes wardrobe for the next scene here in the green room, and they chat about their careers ("I'd really like to do horror movies") as she strips off. When Black asks Allwood to lend a sisterly hand to hook her lacy bra for the next scene, a seduction of her husband, Black tells her, "This would be so much easier if I could do the scene with you ... it would be better than that cheesy hetero drama," and punctuates it with a meaningful grab of Allwood's thigh. Black is unsurprised by Allwood's appendage, taking it out of her mouth long enough to grin, "I couldn’t just not do anything with it." The sex plays like a casual-sex girl/girl scene—with a twist.

"Doubling Their Wardrobe"features Charlotte Sins and Eva Maxim having a heart-to-heart after a shopping trip, with Sins reacting, "How have we been friends for 15 years and I had no idea you were into girls?" after Maxim lets that one out of the bag. Sins tells Maxim that she's having trouble with her current squeeze and suggests they compete to see who looks better in these new clothes they just bought. CUE: slo-mo montage as they strip down and dress up, sizing up themselves and each other in a full-length mirror. We get back to real-time when they discover bikinis in the shopping bags. Maxim says Sins' iridescent purple number is "okay," then pulls on a dark-blue number ... and things head bedward from there.

Two silly '70s-retro romps with paper-thin premises as an excuse for the sex. And trans performers.

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