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Accidental Double Date

Accidental Double Date

Released May 02nd, 2023
Running Time 97 Min.
Director Stella Smut
Companies Adult Time, Oopsie!
Distribution Company Pulse Distribution
DVD Extras Still Gallery(ies), Trailer(s)
Cast Siri Dahl, Korra Del Rio, Dillon Diaz, Charlotte Sins, Jade Venus, Ariel Demure, Tori Easton, Chanel Camryn
Non-Sex Roles Dante Colle, Jake Waters
Critical Rating AAAA
Genres Comedy, Trans, Anthology, Marquee



Nerdy Chanel Camryn stirs to find herself naked and splayed out on a silver examination table. She realizes she's being watched by two towering, intergalactic babes—Jade Venus and Tori Easton. Ariel Demure and her boyfriend Dante Colle enter a movie theater and sit down beside another couple, Siri Dahl and her boyfriend Jake Waters. Korra Del Rio is sneaking around while wearing a ski mask, and notices that the entrance to a house has been left unlocked and open. She is spotted by the couple who owns the house, Charlotte Sins and Dillon Diaz.


In "Space Probed," the first of the three vignettes here, Chanel Camryn is abducted to an alien spaceship and examined by extraterrestrials Jade Venus and Tori Easton, who find her Earth-female body most interesting because where they come from those bodies have penises. And they take advantage of the new possibilities, with Camryn observing, "You taste like stars," as she licks the alien spoo off her face and Venus and Easton confer as to whether they should send this specimen back—or keep it.

In "Accidental Double Date," two couples (Siri Dahl and Jake Waters, Ariel Demure and Dante Colle) sit side-by-side at a movie theater. Both Dahl and Demure are put off by their dates' attempts at getting close, sharing a knowing men-whaddaya-gonna-do smirk until Demure opens her pants and her cock pops up. Dahl views this new information with delight and starts stroking and then sucking Demure as their dates obliviously watch the movie. When Dahl takes Demure's pop and spits it into Waters' soda, he is surprised when he takes a swig and heads off to the refreshment stand to straighten things out. When Colle stomps out, that gives Demure and Dahl a chance to explore further in the darkened theater.

"Ski Mask Bandit" starts with a black-clad pink-ski-masked ninja sneaking up to a house in broad daylight and rummaging around for things to steal before being confronted by homeowners Dillon Diaz and Charlotte Sins, who pull off her ski mask to find it's Korra Del Rio, who is not only pretty but also has a dick, transfixing them both. They head to a bed and make the most of the many possibilities, ending with Diaz face-fucking Del Rio through the ski mask and decorating it himself.

Director Stella Smut has a great eye for visuals and draws excellent performances out of her actors, as well as throwing the occasional curveball like featuring Dante Colle in a scene and having him split before the sex starts. Accidental Double Date is good choice for anybody looking for some clever casual-sex-y scenes.

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