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The View

The View

Released Jun 05th, 2023
Running Time 176 Min.
Director Derek Dozer
Company Deeper
Distribution Company Pulse Distribution
DVD Extras Cumshot Recap, Still Gallery(ies)
Cast Mick Blue, Ramon Nomar, Isiah Maxwell, Anya Olsen, Avery Cristy, Anton Harden, Nicole Doshi
Critical Rating AAAA 1/2
Genres Drama, Editor's Choice



Voyeurism leads to obsession in this erotic miniseries directed by Derek Dozer for Deeper.com. Avery Cristy has everything a young woman could want: a fast-paced and high-paying career, a trendy loft apartment overlooking a vibrant downtown, and an entourage always ready to sample the surrounding night clubs and men who frequent them. Life is perfect, and we first meet Avery as she enjoys a public bathroom hookup with a stranger before heading to an afterparty. It's just another weeknight until everything comes to a standstill when she has an accident that leaves her wheelchair-bound. Avery finds herself with nothing to do but follow other people's lives through her window. Through her binoculars, she watches a new neighbor succumbs to erotic domination (Nicole Doshi). Tracking the habits of a barely-married couple, she bets with her assistant that today's the day he cheats and is vindicated when a new woman (Anya Olsen) knocks at his door only minutes after his wife has left. In time, Avery realizes that someone has been watching her too and puts on a tantalizing show of her own, and the pair build the anticipation at a distance until the day her cast comes off and she's released back out into the world she'd been sitting on the sidelines of. All the world's a stage, as each of these women discover in "The View."


Go-getter creative executive Avery Cristy has it all: trendy loft apartment, chauffeured ride to work, sassy assistant to hand her coffee and straighten out her schedule. ("How could I live without you, Leon?" "You couldn't.")

At a club in her barely-ass-covering sequined halter dress, she blows off a would-be dance partner with a brusque, "No thank you," downing a shot between puffs on her vape gizmo. On the dance floor, a retro-Men-in-Black-suited Isiah Maxwell catches her attention long enough for a repartee-filled zipless fuck on a bathroom counter as the dance music thumps in the background. When it's over and Maxwell asks, "Can I call you?" Cristy frowns, "No, no. That would ruin it," giving him a chaste peck on the forehead and a breezy, "This was fun." Exit screen right.

When the chauffeur brings Cristy and her galpals back to the loft, she invites them up for a drink but trips on the stairs, injuring her leg and banging her head. Cut to: sassy assistant pushing Cristy into her apartment in a wheelchair as she grouses, "I'm stuck in this fucking contraption for eight weeks. What am I supposed to do?"

A gift-wrapped box with a pair of gold binoculars and an unsigned note saying "Hope you enjoy the view" sends her to her rear window to start spying on the neighbors. The girl working out. The guy reading a book while a lady vacuums. The guy lifting a homemade weight and then stripping off when he gets too hot, revealing an outsize unit ("Ho-ly shit," Cristy marvels, before breaking out in a self-aware I-shouldn’t-be-doing-this grin), the guy (Ramon Nomar) BDSM-ing Nicole Doshi as foreplay before their full-on fuck scene, which we watch from inside their room before pulling back to Cristy's POV.

Cristy gets good at her voyeurism, telling the sassy assistant that the guy across the way (Mick Blue) is going to cheat on this wife today: "They haven’t had sex in over a month. They barely speak to each other. Two weeks ago he changed the place where he leaves his phone at night, from the nightstand to the drawer, the same time he started waking up an hour earlier to exercise on the balcony." When Cristy observes that the guy is changing the sheets, the sassy assistant notices that the new sheets aren't fresh: "He knows the sheets are going to get fucked up. He's saving the morning ones for continuity." When Blue's paramour Anya Olsen arrives, the POV moves to inside the room but returns to Cristy's apartment post-pop, just in time for Cristy to see Blue's wife coming home unexpectedly and, in a rage, kicking Blue out.

The next day, when she starts her morning peeping, she sees a neighbor looking right back at her. With gold binoculars. He picks up his phone, and her phone rings.


"When does your cast come off?"

"Tomorrow ... I never give this number out. How did you find it?"

"Yellow Pages."

"What are the Yellow Pages?"

"How old are you? ... I'll be at your place at 5 tomorrow." Click.

Tomorrow, with the cast off, Cristy tells the sassy assistant to cancel her appointments for the next day: "I have plans for tonight."

"He found your number and address? How did this happen?"

"Apparently, the Yellow Pages."

"What are the Yellow Pages?"

A knock on the door. Anton Harden, the guy with the gold binoculars. Cristy and the sassy assistant share a look, and he departs, sassily telling Harden, "Let me know if you change your mind about her."

Harden confesses that he sent her the gold binoculars after seeing her use her phone camera to spy on the neighbors. "That's how I got started." After trading gossip about who's doing what (and who) (and where) he tells Cristy that he really likes looking at apartment 52: "There's a really hot blonde who's never home, but now she's watching her neighbors have sex from her window."

"I heard that her neighbors are the ones watching her."

"Lucky neighbors."

They put on a show of their own for their lucky neighbors as the sun sets.

Well-made, with high production value and sex scenes seamlessly integrated into the watch-her-peep story. The production also cleverly fills the on-view apartments with familiar performer faces, leading the savvy viewer to wonder who is going to be featured in the sex scenes. Nice touch. Recommended.

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