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Released Apr 12th, 2023
Running Time 366 Min.
Director Seth Gamble
Company Wicked Pictures
Distribution Company Pulse Distribution
DVD Extra None
Cast Ryan Driller, Damon Dice, Lexi Luna, Nathan Bronson, Vanessa Sky, Vanna Bardot, Lilly Bell, Oliver Davis, April Olsen, Freya Parker, Tyler Cruise, Lucky Fate
Non-Sex Roles Julia Ann, Evan Stone
Critical Rating AAAAA
Genres Drama, Editor's Choice



After the extraordinary success of "Deranged," Seth Gamble is back at the helm of another riveting series. In this gripping drama, billionaire Alexander Nash (Evan Stone) rules his family with an iron fist and a soft spot for his youngest daughter (April Olsen). While in the middle of a huge deal, Alex cannot afford anybody to sabotage it, not his sneaky ex-wife (Lexi Luna) and especially not his gold-digging new bride (Julia Ann), who has her eye on his money ... and on his beloved son Liam (Nathan Bronson). Meanwhile his other son Lucas (Lucky Fate), a degenerate gambler, puts the entire family empire in jeopardy through his ineptitude. As Alexander's personal saga unfolds, the torrid sex lives of his family members come to light in a chain of events that will expose more dirty laundry than they bargained for.


All is not well in the house of Captain of Industry Evan Stone. Two of his sons want to get into the (unnamed) family business, even though daughter April Olsen, the company's CFO, is "the smart one." ("You do have that MIT degree," happy-go-lucky goofoff brother Lucky Fate observes before inviting her to dinner.) On the home front, Stone's trophy wife Julia Ann, knowing Stone is getting tired of her, plots to hook up Fate with her daughter Lilly Bell "if we want to keep this gravy train going."

When Stone refuses Fate a $120K loan, Bell is rightthere to console him—not knowing that Fate's irresponsibility is leading Stone to only offer him professional help before cutting him off entirely. Spoiled princess sister Freya Parker tells Fate she won't buy in "on another one of your Ponzi schemes" either. After Bell and Fate hook up and Fate dozes off in post-pop exhaustion, Bell turns off his buzzing cell phone, filled with where-are-you messages from Olsen. When Fate comes to and visits Olsen at 3 a.m., she pulls a gun before recognizing him. He tells her he needs $250K "or they'll kill me."

Back at the office, Stone surreptitiously delivers a valise of cash and contingency instructions to underling executive Damon Dice, warning that CFO Olsen doesn’t know about this "and let's keep it that way." Olsen decides to sneak Fate the money he wants, taking it by computer draft and tearfully saying "Sorry, Daddy" as she hits SEND. She gets an immediate thankful call: "You won't regret this." "I already do." Further complicating matters, secretary Vanna Bardot steals all the company's banking information onto a portable hard drive, leading to a celebratory fuck with boytoy Ryan Driller.

A perfect storm follows when Fate cashes out the draft to pay his creditors—before he goes to his trust fund to get the money to replace it. With six figures of corporate cash missing, Olsen fears that she'll go to prison for corporate embezzlement, even before it's announced that the company is facing an audit. Things get messy—messier—when somebody breaks into Dice's office and steals the stashed cash, and Dice finds that not just the cash but all the computer data is gone. (Because Bardot stole it, remember?) And when Olsen and Dice try to figure out what the hell happened, they take solace in each other, leading to (1) Olsen admitting the $250K embezzlement, (2) Stone in jail, and (3) favored son Nathan Bronson visiting dad in jail to set up the second half of the story.

As Part Two begins, Bronson brings his mother (Lexi Luna) a wad of cash ("Dad wanted you to have this ... we're all in the same boat. We're broke.") and Bardot gets a surprise when she tries to convert her ill-gotten gains: "The accounts are wiped! Somebody beat us to it!" When Parker drops in on mom Luna and her new boy toy Tyler Cruise, she says, "Fix it, mommy. I want to be un-broke." Mom blows Parker off, but when she's alone with Cruise she assures him that "I have money stashed away everywhere." After the pop, Luna bails from Cruise to visit Stone, refusing to shower first because "I want him to smell you all over me."

When Stone tells Julia Ann he has filed for divorce, she asks, "How does this work with your assets frozen?" He snaps, "They aren’t frozen. They're gone. This would be ironic if it wasn't so fucked up!" Luna breezes in and she and Julia Ann announce their plans to find Stone's assets. Dice walks in on Bardot at her place and asks her if she broke into his office, to which she responds that he and Stone have been so good to her "I wouldn't think of betraying either of you" (with a straight face, yet) and shames him for even thinking she would do such a thing.

Back at the house, Bell tries to sweet-talk-and-fuck Bronson out of evicting her and mom Julia Ann, but it doesn’t work. Olsen accuses Fate of the office robbery but he denies it ("Good idea. Wish I'd thought of it.") and Bronson is sure that Dice is the robber, telling him, "I thought you'd be in the Caymans by now." When Dice shows up with flowers to apologize to Bardot, he spots the telltale hard drive ("It was you!") and, busted, she tells Dice it was the only way she could get him there. Thinking he has the upper hand, Dice fucks Bardot, not realizing she has ulterior motives of her own.

When Fate goes to pay off his gambling debt with the ill-gotten cash, he's told, "Pay off the principal? You barely scratched the interest," and gets a chance to double-or-nothing over a game of poker, which he wins ("Royal flush, gentlemen") and is allowed to leave, with his cash, unmolested. Olsen confesses her embezzlement to Dice, overheard by Stone, who walks out stoically, saying he wants to find Fate "before he spends all the money." When a hooded stranger walks in on Fate and shoots him dead, the loose ends get tied up in an unexpected but logical way.

Like a mosaic (or a good Mission: Impossible episode), Privilege builds its story with small pieces that make sense once they are put together. Crackling dialogue, delivered well, masterful camerawork, and a plot that demands attention make Privilege a must-see six-hour event movie.

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