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Released Mar 14th, 2023
Running Time 138 Min.
Director Alis Locanta
Company Dorcel
Distribution Company Pulse Distribution
DVD Extra None
Cast Linda Leclair, Ricky Rascal, Zaawaadi, Tommy Cabrio, Bella Tina, John Stwo, Jayla De Angelis
Critical Rating AAA 1/2
Genres Anthology, Marquee, Foreign



When directing a series of interviews with celebrities about their sexuality, Bella and John didn't think they would have to get so involved.


Bella Tina and John Stwo walk through a condo, ending up at a lights-and-camera setup. "We're a video production team, or what nowadays they call 'content creators,'" she explains in voiceover. Today they're interviewing a designer/architect about his work, and when they get home, Stwo surprises her with a romantic flowers-and-jewelry gift ("I forgot—it's Valentine's Day!") and as long as they're in the bedroom already.... Energized by the horizontal workout and the protein shot, Tina suggests they turn their documentary attentions to love and sex. "Maybe we could make a documentary where people talk about how love and sex play a part in their lives ... not just with normal people, but with celebrities."

After some preliminary legwork, they make arrangements to interview Olympic athlete Zaawaadi and rock star Jayla De Angelis. The interviews are intercut, mixing Zaawaadi's life as a runner and De Angelis' history as a musician before Tina zeroes in on the love-and-sex topic. Turns out that both Zaawaadi and De Angelis have a crush on "Academy Award-winning actor Ricky Rascal" and we tap into their fantasies as we see each of them focusing her attentions on a reclining Rascal. When they both tell the camera they've been fantasizing about a threesome with Rascal "and another woman" the die is cast.

Next, the documentarians interview CEO/entrepreneur Linda Leclair, who opens up about her childhood on the farm before Tina moves to Topic A. Leclair tells about hooking up with her college roommate and we see a recreation of that tryst with Tina standing in for the roommate.

Putting the footage together in post, Tina feels there's more to Zaawaadi's story: "Maybe we could ask her about anal sex. I'm sure people want to know if she likes that. It's time to arrange another interview with her." They set up the cameras and pose the one question, and Zaawaadi smiles and says it's a special, intimate act that she only does with special people. Like her running buddy Tommy Cabrio.

To finish the documentary, Tina suggests to Stwo they talk with Zaawaadi's and De Angelis' lust interest Ricky Rascal—suggesting it in mid-fuck, when he's agreeable to anything—and they set up the interview. Rascal reveals that he hasn't had a girlfriend for the past few years, and when Tina adjusts his clip-on microphone, she gets a little grabby. Rascal is down with it, even when Stwo comes out from behind the camera to get in on the action.

Amiable concoction with a varied cast and drama-free sex. Recommend with confidence.

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