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Don't Tell My Husband

Don't Tell My Husband

Released Mar 14th, 2023
Running Time 113 Min.
Director Alex Ladd
Company Digital Sin
DVD Extra Trailer(s)
Cast Clarke Kent, Milan (I), Chad White, Brad Newman, Delilah Day, Bianca Bangs, Queenie Sateen, Lacy Tate
Critical Rating AAA
Genres Anthology, Marquee



She told him, "Don't tell my husband about our affair." She explained he wouldn't understand why she needs a stranger to shove his dick deep down her holes. She swore she had never done this before and asked that he be discreet. He knew she was lying.


Queenie Sateen is irritated that her hotel room bed is unmade, but that's nothing compared to the outright shock when Clarke Kent walks in from the bathroom, fresh from a shower, towel around his hips. When he sits on the bed to call downstairs to straighten things out and his towel gaps open, Sateen reconsiders and decides to straighten something else out first.

Delilah Day calls Brad Newman to tell him she's back in town at that hotel where they met at the bar, then strips and dons some black satin lingerie to welcome him, hopping into his arms to make it easier for him to carry her to the bed.

Lacy Tate is irritated that she has to take a romantic vacation alone, but a chance encounter with Chad White on the beach brightens her mood. Especially when it turns out they're staying at the same hotel, ending their evening encounter with a second pop—of a Champagne bottle.

Bianca Bangs meets up with Milan in her hotel room, coquettishly saying that even though she's married now, she always wondered what it would be like to go out on a date with him. She skips the "date" part, though, and moves straight to the after-the-date part.

Lack of context (besides the occasional momentary mention of an absent husband) makes the zipless hookups drama-free, and director Alex Ladd matches the surreptitious nature of the trysts with a harsh-light-blacked-out-room aesthetic that makes the scenes look like they were captured voyeuristically.

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