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My Sexy Hotwife

My Sexy Hotwife

Released Apr 11th, 2023
Running Time 150 Min.
Directors Eddie Powell, Paul Woodcrest
Company New Sensations
DVD Extras Behind the Scenes, Trailer(s)
Cast John Strong, Ramon Nomar, Alex Legend, Annabel Redd, Brad Newman, Serena Santos, Vanessa Vega, Jay Romero, Octavia Red
Critical Rating AAA 1/2
Genres Polyamory, Marquee



My sexy hotwife fucks our friends, our neighbors, and even complete strangers! She's insatiable. The only way I could ever please her in the bedroom is by finding handsome men to fuck her right. That's the way I like it.


Alex Legend waves hello to neighbor Serena Santos as she walks over to invite him over for a party. When he asks, "What should I bring?" she responds with a meaningful look at his crotch and a purred, "Just yourself," and when he asks, "Are you swingers?" she adjusts her strapless top to display a little more and says they're "open"—so they adjourn to a white couch to discuss it further.

Brad Newman is discomforted when Octavia Red answers the door in lingerie, but she invites him in because "There's something I want to talk to you about." She alludes to some girl talk around the neighborhood and asks him if he's familiar with the concept of a "hall pass."

Vanessa Vega dolls herself up in red lingerie as John Strong enters and tells her, "Happy Valentine's Day, baby." When Strong tells her he knows she's always wanted to have two men inside her, she squeals with delight and welcomes Ramon Nomar (in bright-red shorts) to her bed as Strong watches and then joins them in a playful scene with a lot of laughter.

Annabel Redd checks her makeup before donning stockings and an embroidered bra-and-panty set and plunking herself on a kitchen island to ask Jay Romero, "Did you pick up on my ... hint?" to which Romero looks at her mostly-naked form and responds, "It's more than a hint. And your husband's my best friend." His reticence doesn’t last, though.

Clever camerawork with 90-degree skews and enthusiastic performances (after the initial I-shouldn’t-be-doing-this show of reluctance, natch) from well-chosen performers (there are some fine boobies on display in these scenes) add value to what could have been run-of-the-lube-bottle filler.

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