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One Night in London

One Night in London

Released May 16th, 2023
Running Time 142 Min.
Director Liselle Bailey
Company Dorcel
Distribution Company Pulse Distribution
DVD Extra None
Cast David Perry, Ricky Mancini, Luke Hardy, Max Deeds, Amber Jayne, Bella Tina, John Stwo, Carollina Cherry, Myla Elyse
Critical Rating AAA 1/2
Genres Drama, Marquee, Foreign



Joni thought she could finally leave London forever. Unexpected events will make her spend a last night she will never forget in "One Night in London."


"I hate this city," Carollina Cherry muses as she surveys a windy London from her hotel room balcony, viewing the sunset wearing only a lacy thong. "Fish and chips, cup of tea, bad food, bad weather ... and my ex-boyfriend." She fled the city when he was sent to prison and is only now reluctantly returning for a business meeting "that only took 90 minutes ... what a waste of time."

Colleague Bella Tina calls her to encourage her to cut loose in the five hours they have left ("Empty the mini-bar!") and when Cherry grumps, "There's nothing to do in this city," Tina gasps, "Speak for yourself!" as a reverse shot shows the viewer that she's in bed with a guy.

When Cherry's cab breaks down, she grabs her rolling suitcase and hoofs it into a bad neighborhood where she's mugged ... and then meets old thug buddy Max Deeds (from the wrong side of the Thames), who takes her to his pal Amber Jayne's place, where she is warily regarded by Jayne and her hard-talking companion Myla Elyse, who hook up with Deeds after Cherry excuses herself to the loo.

Deeds is holding some contraband major thug Ricky Mancini wants, and when Mancini gets it he tells Cherry she can leave, which she does—leaving her passport and return ticket behind. Weeping on a staircase, she pours out her troubles to a passing stranger, who sympathizes, "You need a drink," and takes her to a dance club, where she hooks up with Luke Hardy, first on the dance floor and then in a bathroom.

Outside the club, she's approached by Mancini in a car, waving her ticket and passport. "You may need these. Need a lift?" What the hell. She gets in the car, and stays there when Mancini takes the contraband to Candee Licious and is rewarded with sex in a three-way scene that includes Licious' henchman David Perry. When he returns to the car, he shows Cherry that he also has her lost suitcase and points out that her flight leaves in five hours. "What can we do for five hours...?" she asks, rhetorically, because she still has some lacies in that bag. Fade to sunrise and Cherry in a cab enjoying the view of London on her way to the airport.

Wafer-thin plot, reliable pros on both sides of the camera giving great cinematography and solid sex. Great for Dorcel fans and people looking for something different from the usual—but not too different.

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