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Office Ms. Conduct

Office Ms. Conduct

Released Feb 01st, 2023
Running Time 106 Min.
Director Bree Mills
Companies Transfixed, Adult Time
Distribution Company Pulse Distribution
DVD Extras Still Gallery(ies), Trailer(s)
Cast Korra Del Rio, Kira Noir, Ember Snow, Jane Wilde, Jewelz Blu, Emma Rose, Jade Venus, Ariel Demure
Non-Sex Roles Bree Mills
Critical Rating AAAA 1/2
Genres Comedy, Trans, Editor's Choice



An intern starts her first day at the world renowned EstroCenca executive offices and is shocked to discover that everybody is having sex behind closed doors. As she witnesses various employees pleasuring each other, the shocked intern eventually confronts the elusive CEO about what is going on. The CEO is furious that sexual activity is taking place in her office ... sexual activity that SHE is not a part of!


"You've got this," Jane Wilde pep-talks herself as she parks her car and checks herself in the rear-view mirror. "You've wanted to work here forever. You'll be great." She shyly enters the office and introduces herself to receptionist Jewelz Blu, who receives her with a cheery, "A new intern!" When Korra Del Rio welcomes Wilde into a conference room where everybody introduces themselves, Wilde hits a nerve by asking if the CEO is there. Del Rio breaks the awkward silence by saying the CEO is a very busy woman and maybe you'll meet her later.

Wilde's "office" is a table in the break room, and when she logs into the computer system she is distracted by Emma Rose and Ember Snow tongue-wrestling as they walk her through the data input. When Snow drops to her knees to suck Rose's cock, they invite Wilde to join in (she declines) or at least watch (which she does, reluctantly) as they try to include her in their conversation.

When Wilde tries to report the encounter she witnessed to marketing director Ariel Demure, Demure ignores her entirely and starts peppering her with questions—until Kira Noir breezes in and says, "I am so ready for you," and lip-locks Demure, who hands Wilde a welcome-to-the-company brochure to read aloud as she gets busy with Noir. When Demure's phone rings, she has Wilde answer the phone and cover for her ("I'm in a meeting!") as their groans and yowls echo through the room.

Disgusted, Wilde stalks in on HR manager Del Rio and complains about the unprofessional behavior she's been witnessing. On her first day, yet. Del Rio offers to discuss it behind closed doors, and as Wilde unburdens herself, the camera reveals that Jewelz Blu is under Del Rio's desk, sucking her cock. When Wilde catches on, Blu and Del Rio explain to her that they're all consenting adults and that's how things work around here. "I guess I'll just have to take things into my own hands," Wilde declares to Blu and Del Rio. When she sees their pleased reaction, she snaps, "Not like that!"

Wilde goes to the CEO (Jade Venus) and recounts her story, whereupon Venus grabs a bullhorn and calls "a mandatory meeting in the conference room, NOW!" Venus bullhorns Wilde's accusation to the assembled personnel and declares, "You know my feelings about sexual relations in the office: Always include me!" Whereupon she has the group line up and apologize to her with sloppy wet kisses. Venus then sits Wilde on the conference table and lays it on the line: "This is the culture of my company. Are you in ... or out?"

A moment of contemplation.


Venus then initiates Wilde into the company, on the conference table, as the rest of the crew cheers them on.

Office Ms. Conduct is a goofy sex comedy that could have come out of the '70s Golden Age, with the added contemporary fillip of trans performers. Luminous cinematography by Michael Vegas and clever playing-to-the-band touches like establishing shots at the LFP building in Beverly Hills and a cameo part by director Bree Mills add texture. Recommended.

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