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Released Apr 13th, 2023
Running Time 117 Min.
Director Hervé Bodilis
Company Dorcel
Distribution Company Pulse Distribution
DVD Extra Trailer(s)
Cast Shalina Devine, Ricky Mancini, Kristof Cale, Mariska (aka Mariska X), Tiffany Leiddi, Carollina Cherry, James Duval
Critical Rating AAA
Genres Drama, Marquee, Foreign



Mariska has invited some friends for the weekend. They haven't seen each other for a long time and this reunion will take a rather unexpected turn.


Before the story begins, director Hervé Bodilis opens with a dramatically night-lit half-hour three-way (avec anal) with Mariska, Shalina Devine and James Duval, by a glass wall so there's the illusion of somebody else there too. The next morning, Duval greets Divine on a sunny terrace and fields a phone call from Ricky Mancini, who's driving in with Carollina Cherry, Tiffany Leiddi and Kristof Cale for a weekend stay. Mancini demands Duval get some "real food—meat, cheese, not that body-building crap you eat." They gather around a table and talk shop as Mariska and Duval invite them to join in their online workout. Mancini demurs ("It interferes with my nap time") and opts for some horizontal exercise (avec anal, naturellement) with Leiddi.

After some indiscreet chat (life coach Mariska is not constrained by HIPPA), Cale's late-night fridge raid is interrupted by Mariska, who meaningfully runs a finger down his bare chest all the way to his boxers, and when he demurs ("Stop it—Carollina will be embarrassed if we go any further"), she tells him she doesn’t want to force him ("That's not the vibe in this house at all") before moving in close and asking, "Does Carollina jerk you off as well as I do? ... Surely you miss the way I suck your cock," before giving a practical demonstration of her technique by the light of the open fridge.

Mancini and Leiddi join in on Duval and Devine's online workout session while Divine and Cherry head out for provisions. When Divine confides that she saw Cherry's SO Cale in flagrante with Mariska, she's surprised when Cherry blows her off—because she's fucking most of Cale's business partners—but she goes along when Cherry suggests all four get together. They hook up with Mancini by the pool (apparently anal is big in France lately) as Mariska and Cale view from the balcony, while talking about their affair of a few years ago. The production ends with the Cherry/Divine/Cale/Duval mix-and-match that was conspired in the grocery store parking lot. With anal, of course.

The interpersonal dynamics are complicated and talky (and dubbed on the English soundtrack), but the images are beautiful and there's heat in the sex scenes. Good for an active Foreign section.

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