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With it\'s fun-filled mix of hip-hop and gonzo sex-capades, file under gonzo, ethnic, or the ever-growing hip-hop section of your store.


Sex and the Studio is a fun-filled romp through the world of hip hop and porn that gives the viewer a behind-the-scenes peek into the sex-capades of rap's top names. Superstars like Snoop Dogg, Redman, Digital Underground, Naughty By Nature, De La Soul, and many others tell hilarious, weed-filled tales of groupie madness and backstage excess, while porn pros like Mr. Marcus and Chloe Black give it to ya hard and raw.

Hosted by Digital Underground's Humpty Hump and Money B alongside porn stars Obsession, India, and Tracey, this tape is gonzo mix of sex scenes, footage from the Sex Olympics and clips of rappers being interviewed by porn stars. In addition, Humpty cruises through Hollywood asking gals and guys about their sex lives, while Money B quizzes MCs about their trysts with groupies and various tales of backstage boogie.

Among the rap-related highlights is a hilarious interview with Redman talking about his foot fetish and how much he loves fat chicks, all the while using a nearby naked girl's ass as an ashtray for his blunt (of which there are many throughout this video). Naughty By Nature's Treach also tells a tale about filming Tupac having sex with a groupie on tour. Rass Kass, Saafir, Dru Down, Luniz, Bishop Magic Don Juan, Warren G, Daz, Outlawz, Lay Law, and Black Sheep are among the hip hoppers that pop up as well.

Marcus and a pal page up some strippers for a studio session that isn't on the clock so much as on the cock. While his Latino pal gets a blowjob in the vocal booth from a white girl, Marcus bangs his groove thang into a gorgeous, rail-thin black chick that shakes her hips and writhes her body delightfully to the friction of his fuckin'. He takes her for a ride that includes stops into doggie-style (no anal though, too bad), reverse cowgirl, couch cowgirl, hip grinding mish, and lots and lots of head. It's the sexual highlight of this collection to be sure.

Another winner comes during a long party scene where many of the rappers are hangin' loose and getting' faded on blunts, gin and juice. As they chat with the female hosts, we watch a black stud receive a b.j. from a cute Nubian princess. At first, this is just background action but as things heat up the attention focuses on the couple and they really get into it. Positions abound throughout this long scene, but the upside down reverse cowgirl, lengthy head session, and gooey pop shot to the kisser are definite favorites.

Cut to three lonely homegirls - one white, one black, one Asian - bitchin' about how their homeboys keep flaking on them and how horny they are. Well, these gals decide they don't need their thuggish, ruggish bones around to have fun and whip out the dildos for some stuffin' and fluffin'.

The grand finale comes in the form of the Sex Olympics, a ho vs. ho battle royale hosted by none other than the great Hedgehog himself, Ron Jeremy. This contest takes place poolside in the backyard of some lavish mansion and features a gaggle of onlookers as Nyomi Arman, Chloe Black, Daisy Dukes, Davina, and Dia Diva go head-to-head (literally) in a heated sexual grudge match. Sex scores pop up on screen between bouts telling us the winners of such categories as the dildo jammin', blowjobs, ass shaking, Jacuzzi hip grinding and so on. Among the highlights here is the intense face off between Dia and Chloe in a dick sucking contest, where Chloe takes the cake... and the vanilla icing! Footage from after-party of this event finds the hot and bothered contestants blowing dudes on the dance floor as they trip the light fantastic.

The production is solid all around and the locations are choice. The music keeps things moving and the interviews keep the atmosphere funny and loose. The only problem on the technical side is that the editing during some of the interviews is a bit dicey but, as we all know, people don't buy these things for interviews with rappers anyway, and the sex is blazin' hot and shot well, so what the fuck.

With music by hip-hop heavyweights such as Digital Underground, Daz, Luniz, Above The Law, Devin, The Delinquents, and members of Hobo Junction and 2 Live Crew, and a whole bevy of bootylicious black beauties, Sex And The Studio is a terrific mix of rap and slap!!!

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