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All models were at least 18 years old at the time of their performance. 18 U.S.C. 2257 Record-Keeping Requirements Compliance Statement.
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Multiple copies in your general new releases, oral and Elegant Angel sections.


Let's just cut to the fucking chase, shall we?

Alexandra Quinn's violent, depraved, jaw-dropping, pushing-the-edge-of-the-motherhumping-envelope threeway with Gino Greco and William H. Nutsack is one of the most blistering scenes ever committed to videotape this or any other year.

Shit, Mason - arguably the most exciting new directorial talent to burst onto the adult scene in recent months - and Elegant Angel were apparently so unnerved by what they had just shot that they included no less than four disclaimers on the finished product.

Just prior to the scene, this flashes on the screen: "Warning!!! The following should not be viewed by anyone who doesn't understand and enjoy intense physical and psycho-dramatic sex."

Cut to Elegant Angel strongman Patrick Collins interviewing Quinn.

"How do you justify this scene you just did?" he asks her.

"I'm a very aggressive submissive," she replies. "'You better degrade me motherfucker.'"

"So you're in control?"

"Oh, yes."

So is all this scary talk for real or just hype to drive up sales?

Real, motherfucker. Very real.

As Mason, Greco and Nutsack drive around Porn Valley looking for a place to eat, they spot the gorgeous, curvaceous Quinn, one of the most scorched earth sexual performers around, standing by the side of a busy thoroughfare in bikini and thigh-high fetish boots, holding a "Will Suck 4 Food" sign.

Taking her up on her offer, they stop the car, Quinn gets in and very shortly thereafter, as the vehicle weaves through (for real) traffic, she's getting violently face-fucked by Greco as Nutsack slaps and chokes her, screaming, "You want fucking food, then suck that dick."

It's all edgy, demented, blistering energy as Quinn chokes down Greco, splattering saliva on the camera lens, and Greco, Nutsack and Mason all heap a cacophony of verbal degradation on the sexually possessed redhead.

The car pulls down a deserted alley, stops, and Greco starts reaming Quinn in a doggie as she screams in an animalistic, guttural caterwaul "FUCK, FUCK, FUCK."

The assailants throw Quinn onto the dirty driveway, where Nutsack holds her head down with his foot and Greco unloads in her mouth. She gargles the stuff, spits it out onto the driveway, licks it back up, spits it back out, then licks it back up again.

Whew. Only from the seriously porno-bent visionary mind of Mason. Pre-nom this boundary (and nut) busting tour-de-force for Best Group Scene - Video.

The various disclaimers apply as well to Michele Raven's closer, which, while very strong, is - let's face it - a bit anti-climatic considering what precedes it. Raven, no shrinking violet herself, plays a cum junkie desperately in need of a fix. She gets one all right, care of Tony Eveready, who, for essentially the entire scene, abuses her gag reflex by shoving his Johnson all the fucking way down and keeping it there while showering her with slaps and spittle. Eveready finally blows his load on a mirror and like the good addict she is, Raven snorts the stuff. Can't ever recall seeking that particular trick before. Pre-nom it for Most Outrageous Sex Scene.

While those two scenes are the most extreme, the rest of the tape - which, like the debut volume (Editor's Choice, July 2002) re-envisions the all-oral genre - is also filled with dick drainers. Like its predecessor, Lady Fellatio 2 richly deserves a pre-nom for Best Oral-Themed Tape. And while we're at it, let's pre-nom Mason for Director of the Year. She's a hell of a find.

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