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All models were at least 18 years old at the time of their performance. 18 U.S.C. 2257 Record-Keeping Requirements Compliance Statement.
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The European women are top-notch and the film\'s message is universal. Note the quality music and especially the stylized sex.


Hustler Video and director Kris Kramski place pornography in perspective in this compelling portrait of America's perceptions.

America XXX: A Tribute to Sex and Rock n' Roll makes an impression from the opening frame with a fiercely original mix of hardcore porn, violent rock music and hard-hitting interviews. In depicting America as a great but flawed country, the film sends a message through seven provocative vignettes, raising difficult questions and tackling controversial subjects without a flinch.

Hustler founder Larry Flynt appears throughout the program, voicing fearless opinions on issues that affect members of the adult industry and every American. Veteran performer Chloe conducts all the interviews with relatively unknown bands that discuss their views on freedom, war, obscenity, minors, the death penalty, AIDS and drug legalization. One of the questions she poses is, "Do you think pornography is beneficial or detrimental to society?"

But to simply call America XXX an important political statement would not do it justice because the sex scenes sizzle with style and imagination. Kramski went all the way to Hungary to capture nine stunning European women who take it every orifice in spectacular locations. The director films all the interviews in black-and-white and uses the same technique in portions of every sex scene with cinematography so fluid it may occasionally make your spine tingle.

In one breathtaking sequence, Chloe asks Flynt, "How would you define obscenity?"

Flynt, sitting at his desk at the LFP headquarters, replies, "Well, pornography has existed ever since cavemen were drawing erotic etchings on the walls of the caves thousands of years ago. Obscenity is relatively a new term that is used in our legal system. So basically, to answer your question, it's really what the courts decide is obscene."

A quick edit catches Sophie and Zsophia, two gorgeous blondes, making out on a ledge at an abandoned industrial warehouse to the gritty sounds of Shoelessjoe's "Say Hello to My Addiction." Beams of sunlight flash through openings in the structure as the girls prance inside for some understated tease. The music stays in sync with their hard bodies as they gyrate slowly on the makeshift stage before Tsophia starts lapping Sophie's pussy while Sophie flirts with the camera. The dazzling camera work gives the scene a grandiose quality and the girls are nothing short of fantastic. Pre-nom it for Best All-Girl Sex Scene - Film.

After Flynt opens with a poignant statement about freedom, Kramski unleashes the hardest scene of the movie, a three-on-one with dirt-smudged performers in a factory. The intense d.p. leads to a circle jerk on Christal's face.

Kramski employs titillating imagery in the second vignette entitled "Extermination of a Nazi," a rapid-fire three-way in which Claudia and Sheila Scott dominate Leonardo in a cave.

Then another explosive scene with Monica Moore, Oana and Alex, who are all wearing wigs, unfolds in a boiler room to Supercocks' powerful track "Waiting to be a Star."

A sexy blonde named Erika later takes a pussy and ass reaming from a homeless man while others watch. Then the incredible Giu Sky performs a nom-worthy solo scene with a sword and a dildo before the blistering closer with the oiled-up Erika and Sophie and two guys.

Kramski prints significant quotes between each vignette such as the one from novelist Gore Vidal: "For the average American, freedom of speech is simply the freedom to repeat what someone else is saying and no more."

Pre-nom this ambitious project for Best Film, Best Music and Best Art Direction - Film. In addition, give nods to Kramski for Best Director, Best Editing and Best Cinematography.

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