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New releases, anal, Euro sections and all points in between.


The collective plural for fish is school. Whales travels in pods, and owls fly in parliaments.

But finding a collective noun for the beautiful females that pop up in multiples in Rocco Siffredi's latest volume of Initiations leaves one groping for words, and, if left watching the video, groping one's self. The fluids are sure to fly because in the end, it's not about grammar, but about the hordes of Euro-hotties fucking in packs and Siffredi initiating the girls with his usual couples-friendly (italics added for sarcasm) style.

Siffredi (strangely bearing a passing resemblance to Frasier's David Hyde Pierce) opens the tape, introducing Tiffany as a tennis player. But the game's rained out, and hell, it's not like Siffredi meant to actually videotape tennis anyway.

The games played indoors are played with two balls, and, it seems, with multiple female partners: Stacy and Sandy Saint. Tiffany says to Siffredi, "I prefer boys better," but like a good sport she plays a little. Siffredi caves to the cutie, and takes Tiffany aside to capture some excellent footage of the blonde teasing the camera then playing with herself with latex facsimiles of cock meat. But she goes for the real thing, and reaches for Siffredi's piece of Roman debauchery, while he shows off his Zen-caliber of concentration by giving her a fairly probing interview while she's sucking on his cock and then fucking her.

Like a Jedi master, he tells Tiffany to be "nasty," and she plays into the mind trick like so many Star Wars junkies flocking to Episode 2.

The pair rejoin the ongoing group grope outside, and alternate with the usual switching off of pairings and d.p.s all around. Siffredi wraps the scene up with a bunch extremely camera-shy guys cumming on one of the other girl's asses. Pre-nom for Best Sex Scene in a Foreign Release.

Siffredi goes nuts in the next scene, when a half-Afghani beauty tells him about her background. "You are so pretty... Jesus Christ you are so fucking pretty," he says, temporarily losing his cool, and paying no attention to her blonde companion, Petra (who's no slouch either). He collects himself quickly, and adds (probably for the 50th time that week), "I think you are really special, baby."

He wants them to play in the snow, and though the weather outside is slightly frightful, Siffredi's wang is so delightful... to the two girls slurping it down, anyway. Miss Afghanistan (though she identifies herself as Sylvia in the video) shows off her pussy, and rocks Siffredi's world with her hairy snatch. "Actually, I like it up the ass," she says, before being joined by Lanka, another brunette beauty. Miss Afghanistan steals the rest of the scenes, including a quickie blowjob on Siffredi and a group fuck with two other guys, with Petra and Lanka playing second fiddle.

The video's closer, which has something to do with Siffredi being a helicopter pilot and Brandon Iron as flight instructor, features Viva, Alissa, Bamby, Blondie, Gina, Mercedes and Jessica; it turns into an orgy that belies the director's heritage. Lots to watch, and with two other guys joining the fuckfest. Lots of vaginal and anal penetrations, A2M and Siffredi making use of a parachute trainer as a sex sling.

Serious Siffredi watchers will also want to watch the outtakes at the end of the video, where Tiffany bites down on Siffredi's balls for painful results. "It's okay, baby," he says unconvincingly.

Pre-nom the tape for Best Foreign Vignette Tape, Siffredi for Best Foreign Director and Performer of the Year.

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