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All models were at least 18 years old at the time of their performance. 18 U.S.C. 2257 Record-Keeping Requirements Compliance Statement.
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Get 'em while they're hot.


It looks like the idea here was to do a blowjob tape, but Nacho confronts this in Volume 2: "This happens when you try to make a blowjob. I can not... It's impossible to make only a blowjob. Look at that girl: I need to fuck." So fuck he must, and does, three excellent volumes worth so far, all delivered in one sweaty pile.

The scenes are cut down to the minimum, all the dull bits and false moments flensed away. The screen is filled with ripe young boobs and hard dicks and taut shaved pussies in tight focus, with Nacho now cooing, "You like to fuck, don't you?" now pounding into a mouth, now standing the girl up and turning her around to teasingly mock-fuck her between her thighs as the camera catches her frustrated pleasure, so close to getting fucked and yet so far. Girls are unidentified (although listed in the credits, in one long list) and could well be Euro-short-timers, laboring - pleasuring - in anonymity.

And what girls they are! The brunette in Vol. 1 vibing and fingering herself to prep for a sloppy blowjob on Nacho. (Orality is the focus here, just not exclusively.) The buxom blonde in Vol. 2 on her knees jerking and sucking two guys moaning "C'est bon!" or the one with the pageboy haircut who goes from mannered to wanton, smiling in agreement when Nacho says to camera, "She wants to get fucked" and finally sucking him as he comes. The big-breasted blonde in Vol. 3 who gets first tit-finger-fucked, then tit-fucked, then, when she's ready bordering on eager, fucked, standing on one leg, the other raised high in the air, leaning back to kiss Nacho as he tells her how great her pussy is, or the guileless 18-year-old Nacho chats up, asking "Are you ready to suck my cock?" and catching a tight close-up as the tip of her tongue involuntarily snakes out and touches her lips.

Attitude is everything here, with Nacho putting together scene after scene where everybody is horny, and happy, and throwing everything they've got into it not for the viewers, but for themselves and each other. Witness the eyes-locked post-pop cocksucking and almost-inaudible murmuring in various languages.

Pre-nom Best Gonzo Series and Nacho for Direction.

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