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Offer a twofer with Brazilian Snake. Offer a money-back guarantee. Offer to bet it against the field with the AVN Awards. It's that good.


As this video starts, serial murderer The Brazilian Snake is still on the loose in Rio. The mystery guy from part one is hitting on the green-eyed bartender, also from part one (don't worry if you're coming to the party late, there was a recap at the top of the show) and two cops, one male, one female, are on his tail. When Miss Green Eyes goes to the guy's flat, he's got two girls there already, but she doesn't care to make it a four-way, preferring instead to please herself nearby. She succumbs eventually to some female attention. As the sun rises, we see the male cop in an early-morning fuck with a hooker before he heads off to bust the mystery guy. At the station, the mystery guy is unmasked as an impostor who may have murdered his brother and assumed his identity.

Safe at last, Miss Green Eyes pays her rent and says goodbye to her blonde co-worker, who takes a Polaroid for a keepsake. Then a guy catches the co-worker breaking into his safe. The co-worker gets his mind off it. Meanwhile, the mystery guy, somewhat bruised and bleeding after his interrogation, tells the cops what really happened to his brother and his sister-in-law. They were both murdered, probably by the Snake, and the mystery guy mistakenly gave his brother's passport to the cops to ID himself.

Miss Green Eyes meets up with the co-worker for a good-bye drink, and gets knocked cold, gets trussed naked to a table, and the co-worker pulls out this big knife. The cops arrive, the co-worker is subdued, it's all over, but not before the male cop succumbs to the co-worker's charms, even though she's a psycho murderer, and Miss Green Eyes invites the female cop to join her in the tub. And Miss Green Eyes finally does the mystery guy as a coda, in a hot tub surrounded by candles.

The two-vid Brazilian Snake set is the tape to beat for Best Video right now. Production values to burn, beautiful people, and a combination of plot and sex that keeps it interesting for over five hours of running time, with seven sizzling sex scenes (six with anal) in this volume alone. The dubbing adds another layer of enjoyment, with the voice actors having fun as well.

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