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All models were at least 18 years old at the time of their performance. 18 U.S.C. 2257 Record-Keeping Requirements Compliance Statement.
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Beautiful people having sex in beautiful places. Stock unless synched sound is a make-or-break selling point in your store.


There's a dead nude girl on a Brazilian beach, and the signs - a bloody "V" on her forehead, a bullet wound in her belly, green eyes - indicate that serial killer "Brazilian Snake" is at it again. The knockout-gorgeous brunette DA checks out the strip club/discotheque where the victim worked to see if she can flush the miscreant while a fresh-faced cutie looks for a barmaid job at the same club. A green-eyed fresh-faced cutie. While we wait for the would-be murderer, we see various people - including the murder victim, in flashback - having sex in different situations. When Miss Green Eyes brushes off a weird customer after work and heads off to a fellow barmaid's crib for a little first-time g/g blowing off steam ("I never...") it looks like she's safe... or is she? And then there are the cops who stop her, asking about her ID and saying they don't want a bribe - a money bribe, at least. Ends inconclusively, with a shot of her green eyes and a trailer for part two of the story. If one were taking notes on the story, this could be disappointing; otherwise it's no big deal.

Excellent production values and music, and the images are gorgeous. The dubbing actors obviously had a good time putting words in the mouths of the performers, using incongruous Brooklyn and other U.S.-based accents and throwing out zingers like having a girl pull a dick out of her mouth to chirp "This is going well!" Eight sex scenes, two with d.p.s, and all have anal except one quickie b.j.

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