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Released Jan 01st, 2002
Running Time 85
Director Michael Raven
Company Sin City Films
Cast Jassie (I), Joey Ray, Lee Stone, Asia Carrera, Mickey Ray, Dee (I), Cheyne Collins, Randy Redwood, April (I), Erin Sky, Tiffany Ray, Monica Sweetheart
Critical Rating Not Yet Rated
Genre Film



...couples and sci-fi geeks.


Orwell, Huxley and Burgess knew it. Harry Harrison knew it so well that his novel Make Room! Make Room! eventually became the '70s godhead movie Soylent Green. Rush's Neil Peart knew it too, crafting the inspired (if vaguely retarded) 2112. And who can forget the old Zager and Evans classic, In the Year 2525?

Guess Michael Raven's been paying attention, 'cause when the present day reality sucks, there's no cinematic concept as entertaining as an even more miserable future. Makes for some pretty fine couples-oriented porn, too. In Raven's all-sex dystopia, it's the year 2033, and the recently-created Citizen Protection Act has decreed any form of marriage/love/cohabitation a crime against "Mother; the disembodied voice of the State."

Naturally, some citizens don't feel the need for protection. Monica Sweetheart and Joey Ray have defied Mother, and these bad kiddies are about to be dragged out to the woodshed for a high tech whuppin'. They've been caught living together after one of their fellow tenants informed on them. Currently, they're separated and awaiting sentencing for their heinous crime. Sweetheart is locked up in a stark cell - naked and gorgeous, with absolutely flawless lip gloss - and reminisces about better days with Ray in a good doggie and spoon combo.

Sweetheart's eventually hooked up to a machine for reconditioning, which involves lots of dials and wires and a confusing virtual reality-type sex scene involving a dildo being used on a female performer as her boyish partner ejaculates into a penis pump, because, as Monty Python put it, "every sperm is sacred" - and in this case, stored for controlled breeding. Sweetheart is prepared to accept her punishment in body if not mind, which amounts to life as a whore, sexually satisfying "hundreds of men." The viewer gets a taste of the lives of her fellow whores Dee and April sexually satisfying Lee Stone, Cheyne Collins and Dale DaBone in separate and watchable multi-positionals.

Ray's reconditioning takes a different course; he's sentenced to "evolve" with brain surgery that leaves him half flesh, half machine. His only purpose is to please elite society member Asia Carerra in a visually interesting, if not quite scorching, scene. Why a giant disembodied penis spurts fluid at the same time Ray's does for no apparent reason is a matter of Art, we guess.

While this reviewer's complaint is that the sex isn't always as hot as it could be, where the film really succeeds is in art direction and cinematography. Raven's Distasteful New World is a slick amalgam of old and new; both futuristic flash and post-apocalyptic relics. And that's sure to draw in the...

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