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Marilyn Chambers' supposed last video.


Veronica Hart directed this erotic tale of sexuality and desire, which stars porn legend Marilyn Chambers. This is rumored to be Chamber's last adult feature, if that's true, then she went out with a bang. This feature has an interesting storyline, great production values and a star-studded cast that performs in eight hot sex scenes.

The DVD is loaded with quality extras. Such as cast bios, interviews with the performers, bonus scenes, trailers, audio commentary, behind the scenes footage and an interactive feature called "Sex on Demand." Basically, what this allows the viewer to have a variety of interactive sex with Chambers. The box also boosts an exclusive hidden bonus game.

Aside from the extras the quality of the DVD is also excellent. The picture is crisp and clear with on only a minute amount of pixelation. The colors are vibrant and true.

Rumor has it that this is Marilyn Chambers' last (no, really) adult feature, and if so, the blonde veteran of the porn wars is going out with a bang. Edge Play is Chambers' best show to date, with plenty of hot sex and the proverbial "cast of thousands." (Well, maybe not actual thousands, but that party scene near the end has more extras than anybody in this biz can shake a stick at.)

Marilyn and pal Keisha are executives at a firm that doesn't seem to do anything, but no matter; the offices are spacious, decked out in hardwoods - and host to a few hard woods as well. But let's not get ahead of ourselves.

The opener has stripper Kim Chambers hired to put on a show in an underground parking garage for Tyce Buné, Brooke Hunter and Keisha, all peering out of their limousine's window. But just as the busty blonde is getting down to her skivvies, the comic relief shows up: Maintenance men George Kaplan and Anthony Crane nearly discover her when leaving work, and wouldn't you know it, their car stalls. But Kim does finally get to finish her show, which includes fucking herself with a suction-based dildo mounted on one of the limo's windows, and another dildo solo on the car trunk that ends in a major squirt.

The first scene is emblematic of what's good and bad about this feature. Kim is great, the set-up is intriguing - but watching Kaplan and Crane do their stalled car schtick is mainly a time-filler - and this "meller" has better ways to spend its time.

Turns out that Buné and Hunter run an adult gaming company called Edge Play, which brings to life the fantasies of people like Keisha and Marilyn, sometimes unexpectedly, but always with a safety phrase - answering "No" to the question, "Are the children asleep?" - that will cut off potential sexual action before it starts.

Marilyn herself uses the termination once when approached in the garage stairwell by Dale DaBone and Nick Manning - but can't stop herself from imagining what the threesome would be like (horsie, mish, and a cumshot to the tits). Soon after, however, she finds herself being vibed by the legendary Jamie Gillis during a limo ride, and the finale has her getting down and dirty (literally) with five guys in an auto repair shop. Look for some dildo insertion, mish action with Buné also applying a vibe to Chambers' clit, a d.p., and a bunch of pops to her tits.

There's also plenty of sexual action that doesn't directly involve Marilyn, including Hunter and a foursome getting it on atop a pile of mattresses in a warehouse - look for a d.p. here as well, with Valentino and Don Hollywood; a horsie/mish threesome in Keisha's office with Joel Lawrence and Jay Ashley, all videoed by Wit Maverick (hey, it's part of Keisha's fantasy); and the formidable Chloe getting vibed by Kim, then rogered by several guys as she swings from a warehouse beam.

There are eight scenes in all, a reasonably interesting story... and Marilyn hasn't looked this good in years. So what's not to like?

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