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Released Feb 01st, 2001
Running Time 85
Director Michael Raven
Company Sin City Films
Cast Alec Metro, Shanna McCullough, Heather Lyn, Dillion Day, Randy Spears, Tabitha Tyler, Eric Price, Ava Vincent, Katja Kean, Pat Myne
Critical Rating Not Yet Rated
Genre Film



Terrific couples fare with a slightly feminist bent.


Every few years, someone in porn resurrects the Pygmalion and Galatea legend. The one of which we have the fondest memories was 1989's My Bare Lady - and oddly enough, Shanna McCullough, supporting here, played the lead in that one.

Randy Spears is a sculptor, Shanna's his agent and Pat Myne his oldest friend, but when Spears announces his intention to produce a masterpiece that will force the whole world to sit up and take notice, the other two are willing to bet he can't pull it off - and they're only willing to give him three months to try. Undaunted, Spears sets to work on what appears to be a large piece of cement. (Hint to would-be sculptors: Don't try this at home. You'll just be disappointed.)

Of course, this being a XXX film, it appears that Spears has won the bet beforehand, as Shanna seems only too willing to let him massage her clit - followed by some reverse cowgirl and mish, all of it done leisurely and with such sensuality as to warrant a Best Couples Sex Scene - Film pre-nom.

Anyway, Spears bangs away at the cement with hammer and chisel - a little "Hollywood magic" here, as we never see a single chip fly - and before you know it, he wakes from an exhausted sleep to find his "creation," Katja Kean, wafting around the garden attired like Boticelli's Venus.

In unwitting support of Kant's tabula rasa theory, Kean is "born" without knowing anything (except apparently the aforementioned garden wafting), and it's up to Spears and sister Ava Vincent to teach her about life. Spears has the identification of flowers pretty well down pat, but it's up to Ava to indoctrinate Katja in the pleasures of the body - which she does in a pre-nom-worthy girl/girler. Guiding Katja into the tub, Ava proceeds to sponge her down and, in the process, lose her own clothes. The pair kiss; then it's time for a little mouth-to-clit resuscitation, which both gals obviously enjoy more than mere paychecks can convey.

But as much as Katja later enjoys dancing with Randy, she quickly becomes a proto-feminist, accusing Spears of trying to stunt her mental growth by not allowing her to experience anything of the world outside his house and gardens. Spears responds by allowing her to observe Eric Price and blonde newcomer Tabitha Tyler (who, in some shots, looks hauntingly like the much-missed Missy) demonstrating the finer points of b.j., pussy-licking, reverse cowgirl, doggie style, and the handjob that spills Price's spoo on Tabitha's chest.

Turns out, however, that Katja's developed the hots for gardener Dillion Day, and drops a note to him from her bedroom window - which Randy intercepts and thinks is for him.

It's at that evening's dinner party, however, that the counterpoint between what Spears thinks is going on (told in voice-over) and what's really happening is made clear, as the viewer observes Kean's incensed reaction to the demeaning dinner-table conversation. Fortunately, none of that detracts from the post-dessert doggie/mish threesome with Heather Lyn, Alec Metro and Pat Myne.

And since choice is everything, Katja's open to Dillion's suggestion that the best way to gain independence from Randy is to become a success on her own... at fashion modeling, go figure. But Katja's so grateful to Dillion for the suggestion that she decides to lose her (presumed) virginity to him. She sucks his cock in two positions, allows his tongue and fingers to invade her pussy, rides his cock (while observing herself in the mirror), opens herself for mish and doggie, and takes a cumshot to the tits. All that's left is to kiss off Spears and exit, stage right.

Okay, so the screenplay isn't the greatest thing since DSL; but just about everything else about this film clicks, from the camerawork to the art direction to the sex, leaving obvious pre-noms for cinematographer Jack Remy, art director "Work Of Art" and the above-mentioned scenes.

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