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For the two of you who don\'t know this by now, Siffredi is the Tom Hanks of porn bankability. In other words, damn near a sure thing. Multiple copies in all the usual sections.


As evidenced by the wildly wanton opener, a prolonged tour de force of shameless strokability, Rocco Siffredi is arguably - when he's at the very top of his game - the best damn pornographer on the planet.

While the scene starts out quite modestly, with a delicious blonde and an equally delectable brunette, dressed respectively as an angel and a devil, rather innocently licking the Italian Stallion on a public tram, it soon turns into a deranged full-blown orgy complete with (practically) a cast of thousands.

As the Madman dips into his patented bag of tricks - power-plowing both girls' pussies and asses while choking them and spitting in their faces - hordes of guys in party masks blow load after load after load all over the cuties' comely kissers. This is no quiet, orderly bukkake though. Both girls face-field the flying ball butter while frantically twitching on the end of Siffredi's forearm-sized tool, screaming bloody murder all the while. And just when it seems as if the extremely glistening proceedings are winding down, a second division of dudes arrive and begin coating the cunts' countenances all over again.

It's a reminder that the truly thrilling thing about director Siffredi's brand of porn is that it's practically free of traditional smut structure. It just keeps unfolding, almost free-form, in jaw-droppingly unexpected, wickedly grandiose fashion, imaginatively plunging ever deeper into the depths of human sexual depravity (at least that which it can legally depict).

While the year is still early, it's not going too far out on a limb to say that come December, AT4's super sordid curtain raiser is a sure-fire shoo-in for a Best Group Grope nom.

It's a tough act to follow and indeed, the two remaining scenes seem anticlimactic by Siffredi standards (they're still worth checking out, however: in practically any other tape, they'd be the highlights).

Scene two features the flat-out gorgeous Nicky Anderson and an only slightly less stunning blonde, both decked out in sinfully sizzling fetish ware, getting stuffed, then creamed by six studs (not including Siffredi) on pool tables in an atmospheric club. Compared to what preceded it, however, the scene seems rote and almost tame.

So does the overly long closer, which has Siffredi, and, until he pops very shortly into it, Hakan Serbes, taking on two more blonde babes. While the sequence has some moments of intense debauchery, for the most part it meanders unremarkably, almost as if Siffredi had blown his creative wad in that highly memorable opener.

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