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M: Caught in the Act

M: Caught in the Act

Released Dec 01st, 2000
Running Time 117
Director Jonathan Morgan
Company Wicked Pictures
Cast Serenity, Jonathan Morgan, Mickey G., Ian Daniels, George Kaplan, Alexandra Quinn, Temptress, Mike Horner, Brad Armstrong, Mark Davis, Rick Masters, Miko Lee, Bridgett Kerkove, Dave Hardman, Alexa (I)
Critical Rating AAAA 1/2
Genre Feature



The classy matte-finish Wicked box cover does Serenity justice, but not necessarily the product.


Sam Shaft has a variety of pretty girls fuck him in the ass with varying degrees of skill. Shaft ha"This movie is dedicated to all the adult actresses, who think they are stars, and to the handful that truly are."

Oh, that Jonathan Morgan. He sure does set 'em up and knock 'em down. Earnest and shameless in equal portions, his is the dark, nothing-is-sacred sensibility fueling a new generation of sex parody. Here's our own emerging Orson Welles' exposé lampoon on the cult-of-starlet-personality that's rampant in porn, rendered in parts funny and effective. Also earnest and shameless (and a solid Best Actress – Video pre-nom) is Morgan's leading lady, Serenity, who prances and rants, head on fire, through the story of "M," the superstar who changed the face of the adult industry – at the expense of everyone around her.

What M gets "Caught In The Act" of (by the documentary crew recording six days out of the icon's life) is – imagine – destroying those who cross her path. Brake lines on the SUVs of directors with their own opinions get cut, up-and-coming actresses threatening M's place at the top of the heap get turned over to the FBI for arms dealing, bombs get planted in the cats (poor Fluffy) of difficult co-stars and their houses blow up... the usual vicious sedition. Serenity's hysterical bitchy soliloquies and switchback turns into sweet and demure are the treacherous territory often stumbled all over by lesser performers, but she pulls the whole thing off seamlessly. Particularly amusing is the rattling off of various legendary exploits, which M uses to put the peons in their place. "If anybody here has ever..." is the leadoff, and she burns through one ridiculous, demeaning activity after another, concluding that she's earned her place as an uncontested superior and unless somebody can come up with a better story, all will go M's way.

In the end, of course, newcummer Alexa steals M's thunder (and that's a quote from the movie, y'all), matching M blow for, er, blow in experience and action. The two do battle girl/girl warfare style, with Alexa emerging the victor after lobbing and intercepting several volleys of Las Vegas Novelties product.

Although the right nasty moves appear in varying extremity, the problematic get-it-in-and-get-it-out execution that shadows any fucking set up by something funny make for a crowbar-fit effect almost all adult comedies suffer from when it comes to eroticism. That's not to say there isn't some straight-ahead filthy fucking; but it's hard to get in the horny groove when sex scenes come out of, for instance, a Godfather goof, and play out to silly slurping sound effects during the opening moments, where only a dedicated focus to the matter at hand might possibly arouse the viewer.

Many from the beautiful Wicked stable make appearances, some in a wasted manner. Gorgeous and now-gone Temptress is no more than set dressing in a g/g/b with Serenity and Ian Daniels; the aforementioned Godfather scenario provides true raunch thanks to the fuckbunny shenanigans of AVN's Best New Starlet Bridgett Kerkove and Alexandra Quinn, but it's sort of hard to get a grip on, given context. Best scene goes to Miko Lee and Brad Armstrong, who get the benefit of a "cut to" between the haha and the 'hodown. They also get a Best Couples Sex Scene – Video pre-nom. Also of note is a Serenity/Mickey G. set-to, which comes a couple of scenes after M has detailed the progression of positions for upcoming sex work on a chalkboard, coach-style. M (Serenity) and Pizza Dude (Mickey) proceed to hit every mark in succession, and here's where adult movie magic is revealed in full: it comes across as actual, in-the-moment movement. Meta-brilliant.

Crisp Wicked production value is evidenced in two-camera set-ups, clear videography, mixed media/black-and-white footage, well-appointed sets, beautiful lighting and spot-on editing. Morgan could tighten up a bit on scenes, which still suffer at times from an overabundance of ham; and then there's that heat thing, a conundrum.

Pre-noms: Best Sex Comedy, Best Director, Best Editing (Morgan and Slammy), Best Videography (Jake Jacobs) and Best Art Direction (Anthony Crane).s an easy charm about him and is patient and butt-hungry and his partners are universally darn good looking. Everyone shows they can receive as well as give, which provides nice balance. The final scene on this tape makes it worth the price of rental or purchase.

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