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Released Dec 01st, 2003
Director Godfrey Daniels
Company I-candy Entertainment
Cast Serena (I), Richard Pacheco, Marilyn Chambers, John C. Holmes, John Leslie, David Morris
Critical Rating AAAAA
Genre Film



A hallmark in the annals of adult film.


As one of the most celebrated films in the history of adult, Insatiable deserves an all-stops-out DVD debut, and releasing company I-Candy has sure as sweet jeezums given it one. Billed as the "20th Anniversary Edition" (even though Insatiable was made in 1980), this is a glam-fabulous, dressed-to-the-nines production. The transfer is as clean and vivid as could ever be possible, the artwork on the box is classic, the menus are absolutely sweet (done as they are in a Never before reviewed in AVN psychedelic, neon-and-disco '70s motif), and it's chock full of wicked info and newly dug up photos of its star, the legendary Marilyn Chambers.

The only thing missing from this spectacular disc is the participation of Chambers herself (or anyone else who was involved with making Insatiable, for that matter). In the commentary, we're told that she still dabbles in the industry, so one would think she might want to contribute something to such a banner release; but alas, she had no part in it. As a substitute, however, we get the aforementioned commentary track from "Grande Dame of Dish" Gloria Leonard, and it, beyond a shadow of a doubt, is what makes this DVD such a prize item.

Having performed in adult herself {she appeared in a myriad of high-profile productions from the era, including the hallowed The Opening of Misty Beethoven), she lives up to her name and dishes out some of the greatest and most fascinating industry tales that have ever been told. Just wait'll you hear what she has to say about Linda Lovelace ... it's a doozy. What's more, she waxes at length, always keeping it utterly engaging and colorful, about the differences between porn today and the long lost art of the true porn film. For any person who ever has taken an interest in pornography, to any degree whatsoever, Leonard's commentary on this disc is mandatory listening,

As for the film itself, it may not have much of a story (the box art sums it up pretty tidily with, "Marilyn Chambers is ... Insatiable, but it's great adult filmmaking to be sure. The ending dream sequence between Chambers and John Holmes is a dazzling treasure-piece of erotic art. Pre-noms are imperative for Best Classic Release on DVD, as well as Best DVD, while the menus and extras certainly call for their own respective nods. There's a reason this film is so celebrated ... and for those familiar with Chambers lore, by the by, a hearty chuckle will be had when she opens a cabinet at the beginning and sitting inside is a box of Ivory Snow. (Of course, if you don't get the joke, it's well explained in the extras.)

A new digital film-to-tape transfer and the Dolby Digital 2.0 (not 5.1, as stated on the back of the package) soundtrack deliver surprisingly good results. Notably, medium-fast bit-rates and savvy MPEG-2 encoding result in an overall picture that's clean and virtually pixel-free.

The disc is all-region compatible and supports parental lock. In addition to the usual, extras include a film-length commentary by AVN Hall of Famer Gloria Leonard and a nifty addition that's easy to miss: Clicking on Marilyn's nipples in the main menu will take viewers to a second slide show featuring a dozen behind-the-scenes shots from the film.

An excellent premiere offering from i-candy, and a no-brainer add-on sale or rental with VCA's Still Insatiable (VMS and DVD) and i-candy's upcoming Insatiable 2.

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