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This classic starts with a truly cringe-inducing seduction scene between young Eve ("I'm 12 years old") and Mitchell Brothers stalwart Dale Meader, asking her "Do yew know how they kiss in France?" and taking her on a carnal tour of most of Europe before Eve's mom comes in and puts a screaming stop to that. (Retailers should take a close look at this scene to tell if it will fly in their neighborhoods.)

All grown up into Mimi Morgan, Eve meets and falls in love with deep-voiced d.j. Frank Paradise, but after an argument about her going to Johnnie Keyes' prizefight she runs out and gets in a car accident — and comes back rebuilt into Marilyn Chambers. They get married, and soon he's taking her to swing parties, where she's first repelled, then drawn into it, then happily fucking other guys, eventually gleefully cavorting on a dance floor to a bongo drummer (with Johnnie Keyes, no less) so sensually that their follow-up fuck is inevitable, and superfluous.

The tech quality reflects this feature's origins on what looks like 16mm film, but the creativity holds up — like a shot of Frank kissing Eve that dissolves into a shot of him buried nose-deep in her snatch, or the pre-accident sex scene where Frank "sees" Eve sucking and fucking Johnnie Keyes, not him. The casual 70s sex and nudity is just that, and 30 years may have made some of the more-outrageous content ho-hum, but the personal drama is what holds up.

Full props to Matthew Armon, a Shakespearian actor who builds Frank Paradise into a whole character. That '50s tribute band in one party scene is The Tubes, by the way.

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