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In the Flesh (Skow for Girlfriends Films)

In the Flesh (Skow for Girlfriends Films)

Released Apr 10th, 2015
Running Time 128 Min.
Director B. Skow
Company Girlfriends Films, Inc.
DVD Extras Bonus Scenes, Trailer(s), Widescreen
Cast Dakota James, Dick Chibbles, Steven St. Croix, Seth Gamble, Michael Vegas, Karlo Karrera, Raven Bay, Mercedes Carrera, Kasey Warner, Kassondra Raine
Non-Sex Roles Alec Knight
Critical Rating AAAA 1/2
Genre Drama



A man has returned to earth after a break of 2015 years, to try and save humanity from itself one more time. But this time, instead of spreading a message of love and forgiveness, he wants to tell people to go fuck themselves ... meaning, he wants to get them to get over their shame of sex, to touch themselves and find the bliss within, to masturbate, to literally "go fuck themselves" and leave their shame behind. Because shame, he believes, is the root cause of all the evil in the world. Especially the shame we ascribe to sex.


Adult films rarely tackle the subject of religion, but B. Skow's In the Flesh runs at it head-on. A subtitle for the movie might easily be "Jesus Is Good for Your Sex Life," and that's also pretty much the plot: Jesus (wonderfully played by Alec Knight) returns to earth after 2015 years (okay, so they're off by 33) and sets about proclaiming his new gospel: Go fuck yourself. But rather than being, as that phrase might imply, a masturbation vid, instead, every time Jesus comes upon a couple who seems to be headed in the direction of sex, he glows and gives them his blessing.

The first time this happens is with a couple (Dakota James, Karlo Karrera) who are kissing and fondling each other by a tree, and when Jesus leaves, they magically find themselves in bed where Karlo sucks on Dakota's pierced nipples and she deep throats him. From there, they essay pretty much every common position (and a couple of uncommon ones) except anal—and boy, does that woman know how to moan deliciously!

Cut to Jesus walking in somebody's yard when a couple of (we're guessing) Texas cops, Murph and Turph (Seth Gamble, Michael Vegas), run across him, decide he's a "hippie" and start to beat the shit out of him—until sheriff Dick Chibbles stops them. Mind you, he's also not too happy to have a hippie invading his turf, and puts Jesus in a headlock and is about to force Jesus to suck his dick—but then JC starts glowing again, and suddenly the sheriff's a believer—and as the scene fades out, Jesus generously asks, "Now how about that blowjob?"

Cut to the sheriff's wife Beth (Mercedes Carrera) and daughter Marfa (Kasey Warner) having a disagreement, which ends when Kasey walks out, leaving mom to pleasure herself on the kitchen counter with ... a hot dog? (This may be the first time we've seen someone use the floppy sausage to get off with, but Skow always was the innovator ...) Once she's done, the sheriff comes home with his new pal, who glows for Mercedes, and everybody has a good laugh about their new enlightenment.

Cut to: A city street. Nighttime. A streetlight glows, revealing the hooker waiting underneath it: Marfa—and who should pull up in their squad car but Murph and Turph, who flip a coin to decide who'll get the freebie for not busting her. Murph (Seth) wins, and moments later, they're in bed with him licking tit, then muff-diving and fingering her pussy, after which she blows him while he gives her ass a few slaps. But the highlight of the scene has to be the reverse cowgirl ride, with Kasey sliding back and forth on his cock and bouncing on it like there's no tomorrow, and though viewers won't be terribly disappointed when the couple moves on to mish, a facial cumshot and then even more mish, the reverse cow is definitely worth replaying a few more times.

Marfa then goes home, only to be shocked to find mom bathing Jesus in the bathtub—and even more shocked when dad enters and registers his approval. Fortunately, Jesus's glow comes out to make all right with the world, and as the narrator explains, sex shame is just "a glitch in the human construct," and Jesus adds that he's back "to spread my new message: Go fuck yourself"—and all the humans do briefly, while Jesus holds both gals' hands. Fade out ...

... and fade in on Mercedes and Dick in bed, holding each other after apparently just having screwed each other silly—and they're ready for round two! Again, the couple manages most of the usual sex positions (again, no anal), with Dick frequently fingering Mercedes' butthole, leading her to scream, "I'm cumming!"

Meanwhile, Jesus is taking a nap when Marfa wakes him and asks to see his cock, which he obliges (though it's still hidden from the viewer)—and of course, it glows. Kasey begins to give him a handjob, as she asks, "What happens when it squirts? Does Holy water get everywhere?" "Well, the Lord does work in mysterious sprays," he replies. But we don't get to see that, either. Fortunately, Kasey decides to solo a bit with her fingers for Jesus—and us.

Of course, once you've got Jesus in a movie, you also have to have the Devil—and who better to play him than Steven St. Croix? He tells Murph and Turph that JC has fooled the sheriff and his family—and that the way to bring him down is to shame him so much that his followers will crucify him. "Shame is a way more powerful weapon than any bullet made by man," St. Croix later says. So he takes Turph and adds two "porn stars" (Raven Bay, Kassondra Raine) for a foursome. The gals do their best to get the guys off (except switch partners, which is sort of surprising), so look for lots of b.j., 69, cowgirl and reverse, spoon, mish and doggie, after which both gals' faces get drenched with the white stuff.

We won't spoil the rather touching ending, but suffice to say, not only does In the Flesh have its share of smokin' hot sex, it also has a surprisingly good religious message for the masses who might actually see this movie. Distributor Girlfriends Films might consider sending over a couple of copies to Family Research Council and Morality in Media, if for no other reason than that they're bound to bash it in print—thereby letting many of their followers know how good it is!


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