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Hairy In Da Hood

Hairy In Da Hood

Released May 13th, 2011
Running Time 101 Min.
Director Joe Pusher
Company Third World Media
Genre All-Sex



Ashley is a bit shy but she is all natural and super hot. She is an absolute first timer with a thick rump and a bushy slice. She hails from Ontario, California and has come to Joe in her first scene ever to get her anal cherry busted and give him a long ride down her hershey highway. Ashley, 18, is a hot chick with perfect tan lines and pretty tits. She shakes her bottom as she preps her mouth for Joes fat banana. She stares into the camera as she sucks away, taking an occasional bite on Joes nuts. Her sparkly green eyes are so pretty as she looks in the camera and begs for Joes cock in her virgin anus. He works her young hairy pussy loose first, doing some PTM on the way. She eases his fat shaft up her virgin shit hole and works it in slowly, riding it and speeding things up as she goes. She pulls it out and does her first ATM too. Young Ashley has really grown up today, as Joe coats her in a massive facial cum splattering. She licks up all the remaining jizz and promises to come back again. Candice is straight from the streets of LA. She is tiny, only 5 ft and Latina. She has never been on tape before, yet has come prepared by wearing no underwear below her mini skirt. Her tits may be tiny, but they are puffy and her ass is thick and lovely. But little compares to her 19 year old fuzzy vario vag, which Joe finger fucks and feeds her a little taste of. She locks onto his cock with her mouth, before backing her shit onto Joes waiting dick. Its tight inside her, as she jiggles her booty hard riding her new pimps dick. Her young pussy juice drips, as Joe pounds her hairy shit out hard, before dispatching a long range high- flyer that hits her on the side of the face and all over her chest too. Celeste is 20, all natural, white and into skating. She has never been on camera before and met Joe just 20 mins ago. She has braces and a pretty face with small puffy nipples. Her ass is big and round and between her legs resides an oversized, thigh engulfing pubic forest that has not seen a razor in months. She has not sucked a lot of cock in her time, but today Joe instructs her how to do it just right. She gums Joes cock, licks his nuts and uses 2 hands to jerk Joes bird in search of a massive cum dumping on her braces, all over her face and in her eyes, temporarily blinding herself. Barbie is a hot 18 year old blonde Latina with a nice set of torpedo tits. She undresses in the car and then walks half naked into Joes friend Ninas house. Nina is a bit older and she has a wildly hairy fuck hole, which baby Barbie burrows her tongue through. Nina spreads her hairy vagina wide open, teaching young Barbie how to enjoy a nearly half-century old slice. She gets Barbie to plug a finger or 2 inside her while sucking on her hairy old slit. She gets 3 fingers inside Ninas nasty hole and lays her tongue on a couple of her hemorrhoids too, while fighting to get Ninas dry rotted fuck hole to moisten up. Patty is 20 and hails from LA. She is an attractive Chicana with sexy librarian type glasses and some pointy nipples. Between her legs she is sporting something not normally found in the hood- a hairy snatch and a super hairy ass too. She came to give Joe some brain today and is proud to put her fuzz on display. Her fur-lined taco is meaty and her appetite is very hungry as she inhales Joes joint. She sucks nut, licks sack and jacks his foreskin around while slapping his cock into the side of her face and tongue. She bends from the hip and gives Joe a ghetto style BJ, before laying back and letting Joe cover her face and blanket her glasses with cum. She grabs some extra cum and uses it as conditioner for her fuzzy hole hair. Sara is a self described Chinese Milf. She is 29 but she looks much younger and she has big tits for a Chinese girl. She grabs onto Joes cock head and starts to suck up his shaft. She gnaws and nibbles at the tip, licks his nuts and eats his ass while begging for cum.

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