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Ladyboy Confidential 3

Ladyboy Confidential 3

Released Apr 11th, 2011
Running Time 171 Min.
Company Third World Media
Cast Paula (Tranny), Odette (Tranny), Annie (Tranny), Pim (TS)
Genre Trans



Odette is our covergirl for this edition. This Ladyboy is very dark and sexy, with patent leather leggings, black mesh shirt and her dark curly hair. This is the kind of Ladyboy that a beginner should steer clear of. That is why Allen gets the call. This tranny's ass has been blown open and her big tits stand ready to lactate but for Allen that is nothing new. He reaches for her fat headed Thai python, exploring its head and tip with his hands and mouth. She puts her dark lips around Allen's pasty white one and sucks hard, nearly ripping his tip off. Odette's cock stands stiff as Allen busts open her already loose anal cavity. Ass juices spill over, as Allen pumps away. He stops quickly to share a round of sword fighting and to kiss cock tips and foreskin gobble up Odette's dong. He continues to pound her blown out shitter, as she strokes her thang and prepares to dispatch a thick batch on her own stomach. Allen pulls out and sticks it in her mouth for a little ATM followed by a fat batch in her mouth and all over her chin. She heads to the shower for a solo soap down and thorough cleans up, particularly in her ass region. Annie is a Thai Ladyboy but she has very white / Euro features. Her hair is lightly bleached and long. Her face is pretty and her lips are thick. Her body is tight and her legs very long. Her tits are implant models and her cock comes throbbing straight out of her panties. Allen bends her over and yanks her penis like he's milking a cow. Her dong extends well beyond her long black pubic hairs as Allen swallows, licks and rims her ass with his tongue. They do some 69 before Allen tea bags her and then joins dick tips with her. They share pre-cum and Allen swallows her knob with his thick dick skin. He splits her shit box and starts to pump as her cock stiffens and holds at maximum density. He strokes her ding dong while pile driving her ass. Her cock muscle flexes with every stroke of her anus, as she readies to give Allen an anal ripping. She taps his tight shitter, before switching back to a little more doggie, culminating with a massive load Allen pumps inside her mouth. She heads to the shower to clean up, dry off, tuck her cock away and say goodbye. Paula is tall, dark and very pretty. Her eyes are piercing and her lips are wet and luscious. Her big boobs are home to 2 pointy nipple tips, while her lower region houses her hairless anus, bulging ball bag and girthy shaft that grows like a weed. Her massive 3rd member quickly stiffens as she sucks on Allen's pipe. Allen sniffs her dick up and down, paying homage to her huge head, one eyed Bangkok boa and savoring every drop of her pre-cum. He joins their cocks together as he slowly strokes and caresses her manliest feature. He feeds her his own ass and she reams it out with her tongue. He splits her long legs in 2 and goes to work on her chute. Her cock stays stiff the entire time Allen trail blazes through her. He yanks her stiff frank while she rides his pole, finally producing a high flying watery cum blast that Allen combines with the large squirter he deposits in her cleavage. She showers, smiles, tucks and rolls back to the Bangkok streets. Pim is a pretty Ladyboy in her mid 20's. She has large tits and active perky nipples. She has long hair and a pretty smile. She has a completely hairless and mini Thai ant eater residing between her legs. Her pink cock tip cowers behind her thick and long foreskin. Pre-jizz drips from deep inside her as she sucks up both of Allen's balls in her mouth. Allen orally grabs for her millimeter tweeter and entices her cock tip out from behind the foreskin curtains. Her tiny cock stiffens as Allen pumps her shitter silly. Her pink tipped baby elephant trunk bounces around and readies for a stab at Allen's bright white bung chute. She pulls out to spill on his throbbing knob and he dumps off a fat one straight into her mouth.

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