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Ladyboy Confidential 2

Ladyboy Confidential 2

Released Nov 19th, 2010
Running Time 155 Min.
Director Ed Hunter
Company Third World Media
DVD Extra None
Cast Others, Vita
Genre Trans



General Information Pita is our cover-girl with big tits and a healthy 7 inch stiffy. Alan rubs her ass and gropes her balls and makes her change into a pink bikini. Her hairless chubby barely fits inside her new pink panties and out it plops, as Alan jacks it around and tugs on her nuts before making her suck his cock. Pita is a horny bitch who sucks and erotically twists his dick around in her mouth. Alan pries open her foreskin, laps up some pre-cum and goes to town sucking on her fat Thai noodle, cramming his tongue deep inside her gaping piss hole. He sucks most of the pre-cum out of her, but finds a little extra to share, as they kiss cocks, putting each other's wang inside the other's foreskin. They fuck the other's skin, before Alan splits her shitter and long strokes her soft anus. She pops a squat on his shaft and goes RC G riding his knob, as her ample 3rd member bounces all around. Pita works Alan 's bright white anus loose, as she jabs at him hard while stroking his shlong. She pulls out and cums all over his balls and he uses the cum before Allan coats her good with a massive glob of cum in her eye and evenly splattered all across her face. Bow has dark skin, dark hair, dark eyes and a sexy figure. Her tits are all-natural, hormone induced models which are young, ripe and very puffy. Her wiener is a foreskin covered, pre-cum loaded, 7 inch missile that stands ready for action. Alan rubs her elephant trunk as it expands within her panties. Her ball sack bulges from the sides as her Thai python grows thicker, longer and larger too. Pop is tall and very ladylike. Her legs are never ending and her hair is all the way down her back. Her tits are only medium in size, yet her penis is definitely a larger size model. It takes very little to make this girl horny and she's already excited as she shows Alan what she bought today. She tries on several outfits as her hard cock tests the elasticity of each new g-string. Her penis sprouts its way through her long pubic grasses, proudly displaying almost as much girth and length as Alan. Vita is young, trim and nicely hung. She comes home to her pimp daddy Alan, who has her try on what she was shopping for. She stuffs her big boobies into a new bikini top, before trying to fit her ripe sausage into the new bikini bottoms. He jiggles her nuts and licks up and down her shaft, before the 2 connect tips deep inside the other's foreskin. He plugs her ass, as it starts to sweat anal juices all over his cock. She spreads his legs and fucks his well broken in shitter, before pulling out and exploding all over his balls. She gives him a little more ass and he feeds her a taste of her own anus straight off the end of his dick,

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