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The difficulty of making porn versions of genre movies that generally need big bucks to approximate realism becomes more evident when inexpensive videos that try to capitalize on the popularity of these genres hit the market. Missing the mark in bringing the genre across, the vidmakers had better produce hot sex scenes to compensate.

Here we have two near misses that only sometimes come across with hot sex. Sex Droids actually does a decent job in seeming like sci-fi while Misadventures of the Bang Gang brings across more eroticism than realism in its gangster plot. But both are really average sexvids, with a little something to recommend it.

Bang Gang imitates gangster films poorly, with Frank James doing a bad Godfather and not a machine gun in sight. Seems his gang kidnapped the wrong girl, grabbing four horny honies instead. Lots of sex ensues, with emphasis on girl/girl. Fallon (Laurie Peacock, Robin Lee) seems to like girls more than boys as her enthusiasm for Samantha Strong and Laurel Canyon (Suzy Q) is evident. Much has been documented about her unique orgasms, once again on display here. Surprisingly, when Samantha Strong seduces pizza boy Tom Byron, it's the lowlight as Samantha (her pretty face poorly painted with too much make-up) looks very bored. The scene with new black stud Ray Van, Laurel Canyon and Fallon fares much better. But all in all, it's technically and erotically average.

On the other hand, Sex Droids feels like an OK sci-fier, but unless you're a big Jesse Adams fan, not much hot sex exists. Adams writes, Directs and stars in this, so naturally he gets all the girls (literally!). But the girls aren't much to be had in this overused story of perfect robots. Again emphasis is on lesbian sex (Debra Arreola and Alexis Greco provide the highlight) but the hetero sex scenes kind of just exist-few sparks, little heat. Even the tape-ending Robo-Orgy is less than awe-inspiring.

But credit should go to Adams for creating a mood worthy of a sci-fi video. If only something better filled his space suit.

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