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All models were at least 18 years old at the time of their performance. 18 U.S.C. 2257 Record-Keeping Requirements Compliance Statement.
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Display and recommend this tape largely enough to start the world-of-mouth ball rolling. Then make sure you have plenty of copies in stock.


Warning: Viewer discretion is advised. Moments after the credit sequence begins to roll, the viewer becomes aware that this will not be an ordinary video. Dan-O-Rama's incredible titles look like a music video with hardcore sex. Careful attention is paid to identifying the cast, and each star's name appears along with close-up video footage of his face.

A low angle shot shows three figures, led by Tom Katt, walking down a long hallway carrying large Mag-Lite® flashlights. They resemble the X-Files cast as they aim their beams about. They are entering the realm of the unknown. Just around the corner are some waiting asses. A total of five tops battle the odds to plug away at three bottoms, with Jarred Wright doing double duty in a pre-nom worthy best supporting gay performer role. Here and elsewhere in the tape, when tops swap bottoms, condoms are doffed and then donned with dramatic flourish, making an obvious point of safe-sex depiction. Once the fucking has finished, but before the smoke has cleared, those handy-dandy Mag-Lites® are inserted into the up-turned butts, and swaying every so slightly, they create some unusual living accent lights.

Scene two has Peter Wilder performing some heavy duty lip- and ass-service to a trio of sexy black stallions. K.J. Rogers, Mitchell Stack and Tyson Cane work Wilder over good before they cum all over his doggie positioned back.

Director Chi Chi LaRue is now ready to pull out the stops. Scene 3 is all about butt play. Cover boy Corey Jay and Jared Wright are the hungry bottoms who take all that gutter mouth Cole Tucker and Jack Steele can dish out. Assholes are loosened with fingers and cocks before the parade of Falcon Accessories begins. A pair of rigid transparent dildos to die for look so fine going in and out of adjacent anuses. Then link by link, the tops insert a generous length of chain into the bottoms, linking them together, Link 2 Link. This is followed by larger-than-life dildos, and finally eight-ball-sized Super Balls. I lost track of how many of the balls disappeared inside Jay. Suffice it to say it was impressive. Upon expelling the final ball, Jay's anus turns inside out, revealing his pink insides, much to the glee of Tucker and the others.

A very brief piss scene comprises scene four. Paul Carrigan, Mason Jarr and Mitch Sander are standing side by side in blue jeans. Spots begin to form in their crotches, streaming down and staining their pant legs. They pull out their cocks and Carrigan and Jarr continue pissing with boners as Sander grabs their cocks to aim the golden stream.

Scene five has Kyle McKenna and Jay receiving beer enemas. The beer goes in and is shot out again as the other revelers guzzle and spit beer at one another. Chock up a best gay performer pre-nom for Corey Jay, whose endurance is nothing shy of awesome. Everyone gets good and wet in this climax to the short watersports scene just seen. Jay exits but the six guys remaining pair up to fuck and trade off. The fucking is nasty and rough and is a perfect segue to the orgiastic grand finale.

A total of thirteen hunks are assembled for the orgy, a pre-nom for best scene, not for quantity, but for quality. There isn't a loser in the bunch. Wright returns to both top and bottom, strengthening his best supporting pre-nom chances. Over-the-top Cole Tucker plays bottom this time, moaning "Oh fuck. Pay me back, huh?" as Wright pummels his ass in retaliation for the toys he endured earlier. Pre-nom Tucker for best supporting gay performer also. Sexy top in scene five, Daryl Brock, demands "I wanna get fucked" and then "Fuck me. Come on, fuck me like a man" as Jake Andrews does what he is told. You can't lose with a dominant order-barking bottom, especially one that sucks all the cocks in his face as he gets rammed. Several of the cumshots in the orgy are massive, especially Brock and Andrews. This orgy scene has it all.

Additional pre-noms include Best Director (LaRue), Best Specialty Gay tape, Best Editing (Andrew Rosen/Aries Post), Best Music (Drance with Jimmy Jasmine and Rock Hard), and beyond awesome Best Videography (Bruce Cam).

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